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Each and every year we're treated to a couple of footy games by way of the annual FIFA and Pro Evolution releases (PES), and with each release the question of "which is better" can be heard around the playgrounds, offices and pubs of the world.

In recent years it hasn't been a tough call to make: FIFA has been the outright victor while Pro Evo slumped off the field with slouched shoulders. What about this year? Could Pro Evolution 2016 be the one that puts Konami's footy franchise at the top, or will it have to make do with the runner-up prize? Honestly, I'm not sure I can accurately call this one.

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iceman061170d ago

Gotta agree with this assessment. PES 2016 seems like it is going to be a really, really good game...great even. I would be more than shocked if it comes close to the sales numbers of FIFA. But, I also don't care. Niggling issues with fouls aside, PES is hands down (IMO) the best representation of the beautiful game on the pitch. (where it counts) Every little touch counts. This is more pronounced this year with the better defensive abilities and physicality. Shooting feels awesome. Passing is a dream...and a nightmare (which it should be) depending on how and when you do so. Tricks and feints are best left to the pros and have to be set up with subtle changes in speed and direction. Needless to say, I can't wait until Sept. 17th.

chrish19901170d ago

Cheers! I've been a FIFA man for years, but I reckon I'll be telling my mates to pick this one up. Really impressed so far. Lets hope Konami doesn't bugger it up XD

iceman061170d ago

I've been kinda going back and forth for years. About the only worries you might have is on the online side of things. It can be a bit dicey in the first couple days to a week. Other than that, they don't do too much to change their demo. In fact, in the last one, they took some community input and tweaked the game right before release. (for the better.)