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Even at its worst, Until Dawn is the peak of this genre. If you have any interest in horror or interactive storytelling, there’s no reason to miss this one. You’d be hard pressed to find a more compelling way to spend a Friday night.

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emad-E-three1168d ago

"It's Like if Heavy Rain Didn't Suck"
"mainly downs in the case of Quantic Dream"

Yep QD is a failure of a studio and Heavy Rain is an over rated game that it actually suck! /s

Someone has nothing to do and knows zero about gaming only to speak about a PS3 GOTY as its Not!!
My god reviewers these days!

Transporter471168d ago

Heavy Rain is such an amazing game. I have gotten people who do not like video games to play it, and they loved it. Heavy Rain is truly a great experience.

SpinalRemains1381167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )


If you don't like Heavy Rain, then you suck.

The latter, Beyond Two Souls, not so much.

Heavy Rain via the Move controllers was some good stuff to be sure.

DigitalRaptor1168d ago

Heavy Rain - for its faults - doesn't suck and was received in a similar (but fairly different) manner to Until Dawn. Heavy Rain is a critically acclaimed multi-GOTY winner, as well as a prestigious BAFTA and AIAS winner - and it sits at an 87/100 on Metacritic.

If there's a game that you could argue "sucks" for personal and self-reflecting reasons, it's his follow up, Beyond: Two Souls. I enjoyed that game but Heavy Rain was by far a superior experience for me.

ClayRules20121168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I personally enjoyed Beyond Two Soul's story more than Heavy Rain.

Ellen Paige & Willem Dafoe were simply remarkable in their acting, along with the other supporting characters "In my opinion"

Having said that, Heavy Rain really had a superior gameplay experience for me. I loved the realistic/grounded nature of Heavy Rain.

SpinalRemains1381167d ago

You didn't find the story insulting to the player?

Dafoe's character goes suddenly nuts and tries to get his family back?

I thought that was so awful and insulting I nearly ejected the disc right there.

goldwyncq1168d ago

I felt that Heavy Rain's strength lies not in its story (which has numerous plot holes), but in putting you in the characters' shoes and making you empathize with their situation.

iceman061167d ago

Remembering David Cage talking about the game, that was EXACTLY what he wanted to achieve. (I believe he was reflecting on the birth of his child and thinking about the joy and love he felt along with the immense responsibility he felt.)

SpinalRemains1381167d ago


How many other times have you had to select a way to remove one of your own fingers?

Scatpants1166d ago

I though the gameplay in Beyond 2 Souls was better. Heavy Rain felt like a game of Simon Says. You just do the prompts and occasionally are allowed to make a choice.

WeAreLegion1168d ago

Heavy Rain most certainly does not suck.

IamTylerDurden11168d ago

Heavy Rain was very well received and Until Dawn is very well received, both games are crowning achievements in their genre (cinematic multipath games).

Picnic1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Heavy Rain was an excellent interactive movie game.

Beyond : Two Souls had better facial animation and certainly better actors. And Heavy Rain's plot made me question its credibility.

But Heavy Rain was a very tense game in parts indeed, like the videogame equivalent of the movie The Cell.

And you played several characters. Like Until Dawn, if they died, they were out of the story and the story continued. This is one way that it arguably excels Beyond: Two Souls. In Heavy Rain you always truly play the game. In Beyond: Two Souls, the game will play itself sometimes if you don't input a response and there are barely any parts where your character can die- and if that happened you'd play that scenario again. So Beyond: Two Souls is totally dependent on 1 character. Which is also why that game is so memorable despite the backtrack from Heavy Rain's style- Ellen Page is totally superb even in the midst of weird timelines and unrelated situations of storytelling.

Beyond: Two Souls was a more enjoyable experience because it wasn't relentlessly grim and it had humour, it had colour, it had rounded personality in its characters, it had more variety of situations (although it had much FEWER possible storylines and character outcomes). Heavy Rain was hard going but that was the point and it does make the game a very gothic-like, taut, action-important, experience even despite Beyond: Two Souls upping of effects and production values.

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