1080p60 and beyond: the best PC hardware for Metal Gear Solid 5

Digital Foundry:
Completing the quintet, Kojima Productions ensures a feature-rich PC version of Metal Gear Solid 5 launches on cue - taking pride of place next to well-optimised PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions. The Fox Engine is let loose here, with PC opening the gates to a very high preset in the graphics menu, while adding 'support' for 4K gameplay. But what tangible benefit do these enhancements bring over console, and what hardware do you need to get the best out of them?

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iistuii1166d ago

Playing the PS4 version & I think that looks great, but wow the PC version is very nice indeed. Nice to see the engine optimized for PC instead of the dodgy ports that's been coming out lately. I didn't get it on PC thinking as of late the ports have been average at best, but will pick this up on PC later in the year.. Those textures, lighting & draw distance along with the extra foliage makes it a better all round version for sure.

ninsigma1166d ago

Not interested in mgs 5 but it looks incredible regardless of platform. Obviously a beefy pc version would just be the cherry on top of a graphically wonderful game. With regards to the pc port I would wait maybe a week or two after release before deciding to get on a different platform. You'd find out quick enough if it's a mess. I was on holiday when batman released and had it pre ordered on steam so couldn't play but I found out while away that it was an awful port. Quickly cancelled while still on holiday (love the new steam refund policy). Gonna take the wait and see approach with battlefront. It won't run out lol

nowitzki20041166d ago

How could you not be interested in MGSV? I was never too into it, but PP looks like its on a whole other level, cant miss that.

Yeah Batman is a mess. I tried it a week ago and sometimes it plays ok. Theres stuff you can do to make it run a bit better, but its still a mess. The Batmobile cant go more than like 5-10 secs without stuttering hard. When you are indoors walking around it seems be ok, but just wait for the patch. Its not too fun to play in the state its in now. Shame because its a great game from what I played and am not spending $60 to play it on PS4.

ninsigma1166d ago

Just not. Didn't really catch me. I played mgs 4 and loved it. Played the first as well but this one I wasn't really bothered with it.

I dunno when I'll ever get around to batman. Got so much to play right now that I don't really care I missed it. I'll wait till its really cheap on the likes of kinguin then I may pick it up. Right now it doesn't bother me lol

Locknuts1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Sweet. Glad I've got a 970. Although you can get a PS4 level experience with a 750ti and an i3. But if you're going to do that you might as well buy a console.

ninsigma1166d ago

What do you think of the 970?? Despite the hullabaloo when it released I've found that it as a freakin awesome card! I got witcher three to run with everything on and at full at 1440p resolution and it ran at 30 fps. I was well impressed. I have a dual 970 setup though so I ran the game actually better than that but I wanted to test the single card. Left me happy with my gpu choice.

The_KELRaTH1166d ago

I just upgraded my PC and purchased the 970 which came with MGS 5 and it's just superb.

ninsigma1166d ago


Absolutely it's superb. I was kinda regretting not going for the 980 for a while (was trying to keep costs down because I started from scratch and it cost over 2k as it was) but I'm delighted with it really and it's even better now I have the 2nd one in.

nowitzki20041166d ago


I have that card since Feb. and its amazing.. Makes every single game shine in 1080p and 60fps.

--bienio--1166d ago

Amazing card:) Good choice Now I need one more:)

ninsigma1166d ago


Two 970s is awesome! Highly recommend it!

Locknuts1165d ago

Very happy. I game at 1080p so with most games it's not even breaking a sweat maxing them out at 60fps.

With your dual setup can you get 60fps at 1440p in demanding games?

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nowitzki20041166d ago

I agree. When I was building I didn't want to be equal to or slightly better than my PS4. I wanted to leave my PS4 in the dust and my 970 did exactly that.

cpayne931165d ago

r9 270x right here with an fx 6300. Going max settings 50+ frames, this game is really well optimized.

Genova841166d ago

My 980 ti sli setup is ready. Going to boot it up tonight!

JonnyBigBoss1166d ago

I max it out on a GTX 970. It looks absolutely remarkable.

Xbonewone320151166d ago

Looks great.

Not interested in this title though.

Weak storyline, pointless sandboxing and expensive microtransactions is a big turn off.

solidboss071166d ago

No micro transactions unless you purchase them. Pointless sandboxing? No other open world/sandbox title has ever felt so utterly knitted together. Storyline is no weaker than other games. The opening was better than most films opening scenes this year.

cpayne931165d ago

More varied gameplay than any other game I've played in years. So many options to do so many things. It's amazing.

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