Razer Wildcat Preview – The Xbox One “Pro” Controller Market is Getting Crowded | COG

COG Writes: Razer unveils a new "Pro" controller for the Xbox One and we get some hands one time with it. What we discovered was a unique and new way to use a controller that is not traditional of the "Pro" controller scene.

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JohnnyXeo1170d ago

Rather buy the MS branded one At that price v

XBLSkull1170d ago

Yeah a whole 2 controllers, good call on overcrowding author.

1169d ago
Fro_xoxo1170d ago

No, thanks. Everyone's trying to cash in.

I'll get the official XO one.

81BX1170d ago

Yeah im hoping between this scuff and ms controller someone gives to one up everyone and drops that price.

generalwinter1170d ago

I find with some of the games today, a pro controller is almost essential

MRBIGCAT1170d ago

Big mistake this is priced the same as the Elite controller. Should be at least 20-30 bucks cheaper.

TeamLeaptrade1170d ago

If it was cheaper I would jump at it myself. But with it being the same price, I'd rather get the one from MS.

b3ast1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

What makes the elite better than the normal one?

This one looks cool though.

TeamLeaptrade1170d ago

The elite comes with extra buttons. Plus you can actually switch the buttons around from other spots. It's a pretty cool controller.

SirJoJo1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Not only that, it comes with its own software the allows you to totally configure it to the T. I'm pretty sure this third party pad wont have that.

b3ast1170d ago

Alright thanks for the answer :)

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The story is too old to be commented.