Mortal Kombat X First Nude Mods Made Available For Download

One Angry Gamer "The very first set of nude mods for Mortal Kombat X have finally surfaced. It was only going to be a matter of time before they appeared, and NetherRealm working hard to try to lockdown the game on PC to prevent gamers from experiencing the full worth of the ladies of MKX only waylaid the more ardent pursuers of seeing the female form in its natural state. Well, the waylaying is now done and over with, and modders have finally begun producing full nude mods for Mortal Kombat X."

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DevilOgreFish1171d ago

A mod for the butter faces.

Jag-T10001171d ago

For real! Every girl in this game is damn ugly!

RalphBlutawn1171d ago

Honestly surprised this wasn't released sooner.

WilliamUsher1171d ago

NetherRealm made it really difficult to mod MKX compared to MK9, presumably to avoid mods like this from appearing. Changing the meshes is extremely difficult compared to the previous outing and there was previously a lot of hoop jumping to import custom textures.

But where ever there's horny gamers, there's a way.

wannabe gamer1171d ago

it isnt really released now when the creator has it locked behind a patreon paywall where you have to "donate" any amount to get access. lol

Agent_00_Revan1171d ago

The violence of Mortal Kombat, now with the all out there tattas of DoA?! What more could you ask for? Lol

doctorspakles1170d ago

Game of the Decade really.

WeAreLegion1171d ago

Finally! I've been waiting for nude Baraka.

Skate-AK1171d ago

I have been waiting for the nude Ferra mod personally.

Featuring_Dante1171d ago

Shouldnt that land you on government watchlist?

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The story is too old to be commented.