I've been swindled - The Swindle PC Review - Morbid Play

It was within mere seconds Whistler could find Spelunky written all over the 2D side scrolling stealth based steal-em-up The Swindle. But does it improve upon the formula or does this stealth game join Thief in the mediocre pile?

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Scatpants1198d ago

I bought this for my Vita because I thought it looked fun, but it is not fun.

00whistler001190d ago

See I love stealth games but I just got bored so quickly with this, I mean it's an interesting take on the genre but it's far from a refined concept in my opinion.

Yetter1198d ago

I personally enjoyed this game quite a bit. Guess it's not for everyone but I think its a solid 7

00whistler001190d ago

I'll admit I think I was being a bit harsh with the 4/10, but honestly I think the game is far too bare bones, overly repetitious and and just dull.

Zichu1197d ago

Got this on my X1 a few weeks ago and its brilliant. Its challenging and the art style is charming. Im not amazing at the game though lol.

00whistler001190d ago

Challenging doesn't immediately translate to good though, I felt the art style was just average in all honesty.