PS4 and Xbox One vs PS3 and Xbox 360 - Aligned Sales Comparison - July 2015 Update

VGChartz' William D'Angelo Writes: "The gap has grown for two straight months in favor of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in the latest month grew by 236,022 units. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One lead by a combined 13.35 million units.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in their first 21 months sold a combined 24.99 million units, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have sold a combined 38.33 million units.

Total Combined PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Sales: 24,985,184

Total Combined PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales: 38,334,558

Total Lead: 13,339,374 – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One"

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Foehammer1172d ago

So both consoles are selling better than their predecessors

Looks like console gaming is alive and kicking

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DragonDDark1172d ago

The Ps4 is the one who made it this way though. The xbox is just a little boost.

FallenAngel19841172d ago

The core audience is stronger now than its ever been

Haru1172d ago

So PS4 alone sold more than PS3 and xbox 360 both combined during the same time period? wow..

MegaRay1172d ago

I was going to say the same thing lol

Featuring_Dante1172d ago

But i thought consoles were on life support? lol

bahabeast1172d ago

Without these charts it's easy to see that this generation people jumped in quicker. Either people who waited 7 years for new hardware or people who were just blown away by the new systems. But I love my ps4 and getting a Xbox one for Christmas, this will be a good generation

melrex1172d ago

You said you love your ps4 and getting a Xbox one for Christmas but got almost as many disagrees as agrees, i wonder why. Fanboys

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