Clarification over the missing Metal Gear Online 3 content from The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition

A Konami's customer support representative has clarified the situation regarding the voucher included in the PS4 version of The Phantom Pain Collector's Edition potentially missing the promised Metal Gear Online 3 content.

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Omar911167d ago

I was concerned but I relieved an email from gamestop giving me a voucher code. So I'm assuming they fixed the issue

SmielmaN1167d ago

I also got a code, from Amazon though. Haven't had a chance to use it as I'm on vacation but I'm assuming that's it?

Omar911167d ago

Yes when I used the code gamestop gave me it was to unlock the outfits and gold arm for snake. I'm assuming your code from Amazon is the same

SmielmaN1167d ago

Sweet. I was really enjoying this game before we took off. Looking forward to diving back in.

maximus19851167d ago

im still waiting for gamestop to email me my dlc codes. This whole Collectors edition thing is a mess. should have just reserved the standard day 1 edition.