Batman: Arkham Knight on PC patched, take advantage of these cheap PC game keys

DS: Earlier this week, Batman: Arkham Knight received a much needed patch on PC. Warner Bros haven't officially put the game back on sale yet on the likes of Steam or on disc. So be sure to take advantage of these cheap game keys before the game's re-released and the price shoots up again. We've got some great deals for the standard version and the Deluxe Edition (with full Season Pass).

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Ashlen1167d ago

I got mine for $14 and change less than a week after release. Probably the cheapest I have ever gotten a major label game for.

T9001166d ago

question is how does it perform now, the game isnt that great to begin with.

Immorals1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

You're the first person I've seen to say it's not a great game.

Though the pc version was a joke at launch, a true example of why consoles shouldn't be the lead platform when it comes to multiplats!

Ashlen1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

It was never bad for me, I have an SSD and I don't use a pagefile.

BellePelouse1166d ago

Never had a probleme with it either, it was a great game and it is a great deal

nowitzki20041166d ago

Yeah, that's insane. The lowest for me is $23.

Hopefully we can play the damn game now. From what I played, it was amazing.

susanto12281166d ago

Too late playing MGSV and already pre ordered Fall out 4
Just went over to the steam forums and almost every thread is full of problems with the thanks not even for under 10.00 will I buy this POS

Maxor1166d ago

Got mine for free with my 980 GTX and it's still not even worth it. The pin balling combat just doesn't do it for anymore.