Trailers: FIFA 16 Looks Beautiful

EA have released two FIFA 16 trailers; the first shedding more light on the advances to Career Mode, the second detailing the sights and sounds of the game.

It all adds up to a pretty beautiful looking soccer-sim.

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CyanocittaCristata1173d ago

Could always be better, but will certainly be the best. I feel like there was a lull between FIFA 14 and 15, with nothing advancing.

Here there actually feels like an effort to shake things up a little

1nsomniac1172d ago

I'm still waiting for hand balls to actually be implemented again FIFA 15. Despite them being in the settings there not actually included in the code.

Also I've been without the online match day intergration for almost a year now.

Not a chance I'll be picking up another FIFA until they release a game that's fully finished & complete.

yezz1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

Handballs should be an option but I remember when I left the setting on few years back. It was a total nightmare since they're completely out of your control and there were too many penalties because of it.

CyanocittaCristata1171d ago

I've never tried them out on FIFA 15, they were present in FIFA 14's code but they didn't work at all like they were supposed to; handball was given literally anytime the ball struck the arm area of a player

1nsomniac1171d ago

I thought they were pretty good in FIFA 14. Can't expect them to differentiate towards accidental or not that's hard enough in real life. Not happy that it's not in 15 despite it being an advertised feature. I love the feature just a shame it was secretly removed like many others in 15.

CyanocittaCristata1171d ago

I guess so, I think you could turn them off in the goal area too; as in you couldn't get a penalty for them, only free kicks. That was a good idea

But yeah, strange that they'd leave it in there for 15, let alone advertise it, and then have it not work.