TeamVVV's Forza Motorsport 6 demo impressions video part 2

TeamVVV writes: "We take a look at some open wheeled racing in an Indy car and we take to a very wet track in the second of our Forza Motorsport 6 demo impression videos."

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FlexLuger1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

I have to agree about the indie cars. And I think he hit the nail on the head with the whole market audience thing. but an indie car should not be that easy to drive, even if your american fans who like indie wants to be flattered, and never play the game with the assists off.. Dont dial out the challenge for guys like me who attack tracks with no assists. still...Maybe on twistier tracks the indie cars will come alive. Oval tracks dont give you much room to test other characteristics of the cars handling, so I will have to take one to yas marina or spa to see whats going on their, and I would advise the same to team VVV. the indie cars on FM5 were always challenging on other tracks that werent just an oval. I suppose you could drive without assists but nobody in the real world drives indy or F1 cars without traction control and stability management.

But agree...the indie cars should be more challenging. I have driven lower class cars in that demo that were more challenging, the ford GT in contrast required maximum concentraction. But the indie cars on the oval was easy to the point of being boring. I just wanted to finsih it, then go do some rivals challenges.

EDIT: keep up the good work, team VVV! I love your driver orientated approach to these games. I can relate as a fellow real life petrol head, and I can tell you guys are no strangers to the odd track day! Feel free to be more technical too! educate gamers about the nuances of driving a high performance car and how well these games capture that experience.

You guys are like the EVO magazine of car game reviewers. You should do the odd track day shoot out on some of these games to compare the handling of different a bout an M4 VS merc AMG65 VS audi RS4 shoot out on the ring? or comparing laptimes on say Pcars nurburgring VS forza Vs GT nurburgring laptimes?

I think it would be insightful and entertaining stuff. And helps to cultivates more petrol heads amongst gamers.

slate911168d ago

It was surprisingly really easy coming from a first timer in racing sim indie. But i figured it was more of them picking the easier indy 500 oval track to make it more approachable to those trying out the demo.

SynGamer1168d ago

Guys, your points are valid, I just want to point out that it's called "IndyCar"...not "Indie" :)

FlexLuger1168d ago

"IndyCar"...not "Indie"

arrgh! I dont know why I keep doing that today! lol

n4rc1168d ago

i turned off all assists and went full ricky bobby on it... the result was a spectacular fail lol..

and it handles like its on rails even with assists off, tho standing starts require some restraint lol.. i ate it from trying to squeeze through 5-6 cars at 220+... but i always expected that to be honest.. with the downforce they create and the rubber they run, an oval should be a breeze for the car..

think they choose it because its easy but it also allows players to feel that speed without getting frustrated

Dabigkahuna761168d ago

Don't forget at the end of the day it's a video game see how beautiful Driveclub is I wanna love it but it's a lil difficult with the controls

iistuii1168d ago

The indie car part of the demo is my least favorite. I know our American friends like indie but to me it's a boring oval track, can't stand it, glad it was easy so I didn't have to replay it.

Immorals1168d ago

I'd have expected a British Dev team to make it more exciting.

I mean driving round a circle is as boring to play as it is to watch!

shloobmm31168d ago

It was for the demo. I think they just wanted to show the sense of speed in which they succeeded.

4Sh0w1168d ago

Actually I thought the Indy track was the most fun....I guess I just love the sense of speed while squeezing between 2 other cars and hitting the lines perfectly.

btw the demo is set to the lowest difficulty.

SniperControl1168d ago

Is it just me or is that unskipable intro video on the demo pi55ing anybody else off?

level 3601168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Would be great if Turn10 Studios can include Stadium Super Truck racing in Forza6 sometime in the future.

Here's a sample video race event: ( )

For sure this is a more challenging race than IndyCars in an oval track.

Can't wait to get my Forza6 bundle on the 15th of this month, but that really is a pity to hear Turn10 didn't put enough effort in addressing the physics for the oval races.
Hope they put out a patch to fix the problem on release day.

SirJoJo1168d ago

WOW!! now that looks sick! They have to put that in as DLC! Please T10 PLEASE!

Crowserk1168d ago

Every new racing game is wet.

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