MGS V: The Phantom Pain’s Fulton System Was Used By CIA During World War II

SegmentNext - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain features a Fulton Recovery System to exfiltrate soldiers from the battlefield. However, did you know? That the system was used by the CIA during World War II?

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aquaticDonut1171d ago

Yup. Batman used in the Dark Knight, too.

1170d ago
chrisx1171d ago

well, i never knew that!

81BX1170d ago

You would be surprised to know what our governments and various agencies have been up to. Lol. Another good read is the MK ultra program.

Ashunderfire861171d ago

Fulton System is real here is proof:

Good now play Metal Gear Solid 5 knowing that this technology existed.

DarkOcelet1171d ago

Lol, that video is full of MGS players hahahah.

Insomnia_841171d ago

The first time this system was introduced in the series was in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, one of the best games in the series and it was for PSP.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1171d ago

That said, it was mentioned briefly in MGS3

George Sears1171d ago

Which was also used by Snake as well although not seen.

ColonelHugh1171d ago

Actually guys, it was more than mentioned in Snack Eater. Snake was extracted from the failed Virtuous Mission via Fulton recovery system.

Letsplayhalo1171d ago

Really? I don't remember that part.

A2X_1170d ago

Really? "Snack Eater"? hahah

one2thr1171d ago

It was Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops that had the user activated Fulton system before MGS:PW. To my knowledge you couldnt use it to extract other soldiers, it only allowed players to leave the mission area without receiving further injury.

ripyernutzof1171d ago

WW2 ended 1945. CIA formed 1947. Did they use time travel as well?

pyroxxx1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

This !! So good :)! But they were basically OSS,..
And Skyhook was basically in the 50's,.. but they did experiment with pickups before

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The story is too old to be commented.