PS4 Exclusive Drawn to Death Private Access is Live, So Here's Half an Hour of New Gameplay to Watch

If you signed up for private access, go and check your emails as you’ll probably find a code waiting to be redeemed. Once you’ve redeemed it you’ll be able to go forth and shoot things to your heart’s content. Or die a load of times.

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DigitalRaptor1169d ago

Can't wait for this to go public beta.

XisThatKid1168d ago

Just goto the site and register they'll give you code on the spot. That's what I did.
Drawn to death, Kill Strain, and 3.00 betas I'm on a roll

IamTylerDurden11168d ago

Very interested in this game, you do your thing Jaffe!

Khronikos1168d ago

Yeah, this is looking better each time we see it.

xxCaveman_88xx1168d ago

Just downloaded the beta. The tutorial is pretty awesome so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.