Batman: Arkham Knight up for Best Visual Design at the Golden Joystick Awards


"The 2015 Golden Joystick Awards are open now for voting! They're the only gaming awards selected by YOU, the people who actually play them. Today, we're taking a look at the Best Visual Design category, which is hotly contested by several big names. Bloodborne and The Order: 1886 are in there, as are Batman: Arkham Knight and Splatoon."

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robtion1195d ago

Bloodborne has much better art design, level design, and atmosphere than any of the other nominees. It's my pick.

The order wins from a pure 'great looking graphics' standpoint.

Batman wins on technical achievement taking into account graphical fidelity in an open world setting.

l1p31195d ago

Technical achivement? Technically Arkham Knight should win the Golden Poo Award.

ninsigma1195d ago

Bloodborne I think has a much better visual design. Not talking about which has the better looking graphics, simply the deign of the assets. It was just so cool playing in that environment!

JoeReno1195d ago

Ugh, the footstep sound effect in Bloodborne and the Souls games was so annoying (to me) it damn near rendered them unplayable for me. I know a lot of people love these games.I am honestly not trolling. I gave them a shot, but that sound. I just couldn't keep on.

Sorry if this had been talked about in articles or whatnot. I just needed to get off my chest why I couldn't get in to Bloodborne or DarkSouls.

woutervanjel1195d ago

Buy a new TV/speakers/headset. The sound in Bloodborne is the best I've heard in gaming.

ninsigma1195d ago

Well I can honestly say I've never heard that as a reason for making a game unplayable before xD Gave me a chuckle, thanks :)