Wii U Deluxe Set With Nintendo Land Now Available For A Reduced Price Online

GS:" If you are thinking about getting a Wii U console in the future, you may want to take advantage of a good deal that has surfaced online in the past few hours. Groupon is currently offering a refurbished Wii U Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land for the price of $199.99 instead of $249.99. "

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Maybay1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

$200 for a Wii U (amazing deal).

Based on the Wii U's exclusive library of software alone; it's well worth the price.

superchiller1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

No, it really isn't an "amazing deal". For what you get in the console, it should be $200 or less NEW, refurbished should be about $150 or less. The system doesn't even have an internal HDD, whereas PS3 and 360 consoles are readily available with 320gb or 500gb hard drives at this point, for around the same price. There just isn't enough inside the Wii U to make it worth the price.

marloc_x1172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

"Based on the Wii U's exclusive library of software alone; it's well worth the price."

-N4G user Maybay

Maybay1172d ago

Forgot to add; free online, and Backward compatibility with Wii software and hardware. The Gamepad itself cost about $100-$150 dollars, so it is a good deal.

Bayonetta 2
Smash Bros. 4
Mario Kart 8
Wind Waker HD
Wonderful 101
Monster Hunter 3 HD
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Earthbound 1 & 3
Pandor's Tower
Sin & Punishment 1 & 2...

Well worth the price.

Ninte1172d ago

That's how much I got mine when a electronic store sold them cheap to get rid of them because they weren't selling well.