New 3.2Gbps FireWire spec approved, not as fast as USB 3.0

The IEEE 1394 working group has formally approved FireWire's next-generation standard. The new version defines transfer speeds of 1.6Gbps and 3.2Gbps, is backwards compatible with FireWire 800 and 400, and uses the same cable standard as FireWire 800. Remember the original Firewire vs. USB 2.0 debates? It's time for the big Firewire S3200 vs. USB 3.0 discussion.

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meepmoopmeep3461d ago

FireWire might as well cut costs and stop R&D.
USB has won.

Will_Smith3461d ago

USB has won, obviously... the only thing Firewire is good for (as of now) is HDD transfers and back-up. I use it with my Apple's Time Machine app, and though its very good i use USB on 99.9% of my devices

meepmoopmeep3461d ago

yeah, that's what i mean, USB is standard universally (pardon pun)

btw, love your movies Will

Guardian0fPeace3461d ago

is consistency during transfer, once it begins transferring information, it's speed doesn't increase, nor decrease, it just remains the same, which is exactly what is needed for video capture. USB tends to speed up and slows down, which would mean sudden jumps and drops in the quality of captured video. USB is fine for everything else.

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