DKS3713: Real time footage of FFXIII & Versus XIII shown

Square Enix has shown the first real-time footage of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII's PlayStation 3 versions during DKS3713. Forever Fantasy will try and find the trailer.

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jamilion3462d ago

i wish i could watch it and not read about it!

sushipoop3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

The footage was from the Japanese version, running on PS3. They haven't started the 360 port yet haha. Hopefully we get to see this footage.

Can't wait to see the Versus footage. I only care about Versus.

morganfell3462d ago

What we are now seeing demonstrates the incredible idiocy of many game journalists. FF13 coming to the 360 was hailed by several prominent morons in the press as the big event of E3. Now that fact is turning into a backlash as all of the shortcomings and the actual insignificance of a 360 version begins to become apparent.

donator3462d ago

So what does the gameplay graphics look like? Better or worse, and by ho w much, than the public trailers we've grown accustomed to?

Dark vader3462d ago

Nice hopefully there will be a trailers for us to see.

pwnsause3462d ago

wait Verus is being shown in REAL TIME!?

geda3462d ago

holy cow, i did not expect that. i can't wait to see it :O

vloeistof3462d ago

iiiiiiiii realtime.
praise the lord it better be online soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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