Gears becomes fastest-selling next-gen game ever

Epic Games has announced that flagship 360 shooter Gears of War has cleared 2 million copies sold worldwide, making it the fastest-selling next-gen game of 2006 and the fastest-selling exclusive Xbox game of all time - an impressive feat seeing as it's only been on the shelves for six weeks.

The good news doesn't end there for Microsoft and Epic either, as the companies have confirmed that over 1 million gamers have participated in over 10 million Gears matches on Xbox Live, unlocking an impressive 7 million achievements and increasing Gold membership sign-up per day by over 50%.

"We've always held high hopes for Gears of War, but we never expected such an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and gamers all over the world," said Epic president Michael Capps, possibly muffled by the ringing of cash registers. "I can't describe how stoked our team is right now. Our fans can absolutely count on Epic to keep delivering new gameplay through Xbox Live."

And on the subject of Xbox Live content, the Epic boys recently dropped the first news on the upcoming patch, which they're rushing to get on to Xbox Live before Christmas.

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videl4381d ago

what a bs! the fastest next gen game ever ? there are many "next gen games" that sold more and faster. for example tetris, haha. xbots are such idiots. invent such titles like "the fastest next gen game ever". yes "the fastest next gen game ever on a xbox360".

RuffRyder4381d ago

So whats the fastest selling "nextgen" game on the ps3 then???
Oops my bad..the ps3 has no "nextgen" games.

Munky4381d ago

It is the fastest selling "next gen" so far. Why don't you read the article before you start posting useless comments.

BIadestarX4381d ago

Good job videl! You have become fastest-brainded next-gen fanboy ever!

big_tim4381d ago

Go read my response to your crap in the other post of this article...

DC RID3R4381d ago

fukin game!!!!
it is NOT for U shakira!!!
go and get a bikini wax, u g-string rockin motherfuker!!

"it's COLE baby!!!!!!!!"

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General4381d ago

You dont call Arcade games next gen, Fu*king idiot.

zonetrooper54381d ago

Well done videl you made yourself look like an idiot.

darx4381d ago

Wanted to know if you want to play a little GOW on-line. My gamer tag is CaptainMidnight. Let me know.

Monchichi0254381d ago

Sony fans said "Gears of War" was gonna bomb! LOL Don't here them talking junk about it now. It is the X-Box's new Halo franchise! Imagine how many people will be on Live after Christmas once all those copies sitting under the tree are opened!!!

As for Sony's Resistance Game....It's too bad that that it's so badly hurt by the lack of PS3 systems out there because it is a decent game. Now it has no way of ever becoming a Franchise game because once a large install base is made on the PS3 they will not go back to buying launch games. There was only like 19 rooms (Worldide) playing when I tried it. Sad, sad figures.

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The story is too old to be commented.