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"Grow Home has a simple story with simple gameplay that culminates in a simple experience. Exploration is interesting, if at times unexciting, and seeing each new area makes every extended climb feel worthwhile. With crystal collecting on the side, plant and animal scanning, and a post-game mission, you're really given plenty of reason to explore the landscape at your leisure." -- Playstation Enthusiast

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Jubez1871175d ago

On top of the fact that this game is about 2 hours, I'm not liking this voting PS+ thing. I don't think most people are educated enough for this responsibility.

DragonDDark1175d ago

Thanks for calling people idiots... The game is good. 7 means good.

nowitzki20041175d ago

Well for most people, if its not a AAA 9.0 or above then its not good.

Chopstickjoystiq1175d ago

How educated do you have to be to pick a game that your interested in? If research is done or not it doesn't matter because the gamers are picking this "FREE" game for themselves and not for anyone else. Man, you people find everything and anything to cry like a punk over

IamTylerDurden11175d ago

To the lovely ppl that voted this tiny $8 blew it.

Zombie Vikings is 10x as much game, has a Platinum trophy while Grow Home doesn't even have 1 gold trophy, Zombie Vikings has sp, 4 player co op, mp, & a 10 hr campaign.

Zombie Vikings is also a brand new game while Grow Home is a pc port.

Ppl who voted Grow Home chose the big greedy conglomerate (Ubisoft) over the good willed indie guys (Zoink/Zombie Vikings).

If Grow Home lost it would've been $5, now Zombie Vikings is $14 with the 30% off sale. U chose an $8 game over two different $20 games. Do some research next time.

Grow Home is is cute but it had the least value for being the free game.

Dario_DC1175d ago

Agree! Zombie Vikings was my favourite too! People got caught up on the "cuteness" of this game and the rest of us lost a really good game because of that...

OverdosedWitDopeness1175d ago

Yup I voted on zombie Vikings in the beginning then when I checked the voting graph I was surprised it was last smh. The only reason I see grow home getting votes is because of the 3d wouldn't be big deal if we were voting on the smaller game every month.

MasterCornholio1175d ago

I wanted Vikings.


Oh well I was planning on buying it if it didn't win the Vote.

luckytrouble1175d ago

To be absolutely fair, Zombie Vikings had the misfortune of being named like a bad smart phone game, and the only videos available at the time of the voting process didn't exactly make the game look good. My impression was that the game looked simple, relied on (what seemed like very hit or miss) humor, and wouldn't have been something I would have even bothered spending time on.

Personally, I wish Armello had made it. That game has single player, multiplayer, looks fantastic, and offers a type of game that we don't really tend to see. It would have seriously benefited from the PS+ player boost as well in creating incredibly varied mutliplayer experiences with many different people.

IamTylerDurden11175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Ppl need to research beyond the name for crying out loud.

Zombie Vikings isn't simple or short or cheap, the production value & grfx are terrific, it has a 10 hour campaign, singleplayer, multiplayer, & co op. It has online & local multiplayer, it's loaded.

Idk what ppl didn't get about ZV? I adore the art, humor, and Norse mythology.

Grow Home isn't a bad game it's just very short and not the right choice imo.

mushroomwig1175d ago

Sorry, but I didn't blew anything. You are entitled to your own opinion but I have no regrets at all. I voted for the game that interested me the most, which was Grow Home, and after spending a few hours playing it I'm having a blast.

IamTylerDurden11175d ago

Did u really thoroughly research the other games? Did u know all the facts? What don't u like about ZV? U don't like combat, co op, mp, or the humor?

Grow Home winng is appalling to me, it isn't a bad game but it shows the disheartening mentality of the masses.

Now ppl will continue to ignore ZV like they ignored Galak-Z...Shameful.

mushroomwig1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Again, I respect your opinion but you need to respect everybody elses. Your games of choice didn't win, just suck it up already and move on. There really is no need to keep insulting people just because they dared to choose a game you didn't like.

At the end of the day, it's just a game. It's not an election campaign, try not to take it so seriously.

From your other comment;

'Grow Home isn't a bad game it's just very short and not the right choice imo.'

So you can admit that all this is just your opinion? Why are you so against other peoples sharing theirs?

IamTylerDurden11174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I respect ppl's opinions and i fully respect the fact that everyone has their own unique tastes in gaming and in life, but i feel like Grow Home simply won bc of the wrong reasons.

Ppl had heard of it b4 and were too lazy to legitimately research a new game from a small dev (Zombie Vikings).

The power of Ubisoft allowed Grow Home to win.

It was unfair. Both Armello and Grow Home had screenshots and/or trailers on their game pages on PSN prior to the conclusion of the voting period. Zombie Vikings did not even have a screenshot until after voting was done. This is integral for a new game like ZV, not so much for games that already existed on pc like GH and Armello.

Ultimately i do like the new voting situation, it was unjust this time but it's still a welcomed change. If u truly educated yourself and made an informed vote then i respect your choice. It just stings considering how comparatively expensive Zombie Vikings is, ppl could've had GH for 5 bucks if it had lost. Oh well, at least i can support the talented Swedish devs and buy the game.

Even though ZV lost it was a fun process, looking forward to this month's selections.

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