Gallery: F1 Championship Edition

Looking at screens of F1 Championship Edition for the PlayStation 3 might give you the feeling of looking at a real Formula One cars.

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calderra4381d ago

It might also give you a feeling you're looking at Project Gotham Racing 3, except there's more focus on the cars, balanced with the road/grass/etc being significantly worse. Not to mention PGR3 accurately modeled the interior of every car with just as many polygons as the outside, meaning it wouldn't be a terrible stretch to take those polygons out and add plenty of extra racers to the field, then give it over a year extra in development...

Point: Looks good. But not any better than competing titles.

tk4381d ago

Horse manure sonny.

Haai ou perd - jy probeer nou vir my vertel dat perdedrolle vye is. Julle praat soveel stront oor die XB titels dat mens sweer dat 'n ou speletjie beter is as die nuutste. Julle is almal aan die bol gepik.

MS7XWDC4381d ago

I've got more on my pc !!


DJ4381d ago

Just 'cause his 360 can't pull this off. Compare this to PGR3 all you want; it just makes F1 Championship look even better. Full on destruction, realistic water effects (including reflections on the asphalt), great use of physics, 22 cars on the track at once, and near photo-realistic graphics.

Screenshots speak louder than words. Unless of course you're going to start saying "It''s prerendered! It has to be! If my 360 can't do it, it's not possible."

ironwolf4380d ago

they look wrong. I think we're seeing an example of the "uncanny valley".

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