Final Fantasy XV Map Size Potentially Revealed: it’s Roughly an Enormous 780 Square Miles

The latest Final Fantasy XV gameplay video finally included the key to calculate a rough but pretty close estimation of the size of the full map of Final Fantasy XV.

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-Foxtrot832d ago

I can't imagine it being that big. I mean I think most places on the map with be places you can only get to during a cutscene or transition within the story.

The reason is they haven't actually said there will be a Airship so we can explore the entire map...they said something like how it might not make it for launch.

I think a lot of these places will involve you getting to a point by walking or in the car and it will say something like "Continue to <Insert Town Here>?", you'll select "Yes" and it will fade to black, load and place you within that part of the regions hub.

That's my take on it anyway

Abriael832d ago

The only way it's not that big, is if the diorama map is not the actual map. Otherwise, the scope is pretty much that. There's a margin of error involved due to perspective and pixels, but it could be a 20% up or down, according to my estimations.

Also, they said already that you'll be able to travel anywhere in the map, so there won't be fading to black. Unless you use fast travel, of course.

DarkOcelet832d ago

They said its a seamless open world so...

Honestly, if this game is this huge and seamless and the combat is great then we are looking at a potential GOTY. If the game has a great story like FFVII and JRPG of the old then we are looking at a potential GOTG.

Only time will tell.

_-EDMIX-_832d ago

Agreed Dark! Mind you, for years and years I've always felt the concept of this game is Amazing enough get it many, many awards.

They don't need to do much (talk is cheap lol) open world, airships annnnnnnnd sold.

They had me in 2009 supporting that concept, lol nothings changed.

Hozi831d ago

really hope they improve the way Noctis teleports....

iamtehpwn832d ago

Given that the demo is Bigger than FFXIII's gran pulse,and that's a SECTIONED off part of Duscae, I can't even imagine how big this is gonna be.

_-EDMIX-_832d ago

...I don't think you get why at one point this was only releasing for PS3?

PS4 and XONE both have bluray and both have HDDS in 100% of the units, we are seeing many, many IPs go MASSIVE in size because of this (as they should have last gen) and this game is no different, its original concept couldn't even be done on many DVD's and ultimately wasn't even enough for PS3.

This game can 100% be that huge and its very feasbel. Fallout 4 has no loading, Horizon Zero dawn has no loading in areas either...

Sooooo I would expect this game to seek the same level of complexity as the recent open world games have shown.

Mind you, they are not doing a "open map" ie "go to town" style like your suggesting, its been confirmed that its not open map, its open world ie seamless, ie no select town A, B etc

Mind you, not even sure why they would considering the powerful hardware they now have to work with.

Look at Ghost Recon Wildlands, look at Arkham Knight, look at Witcher III etc. Mind you, I put Square on having the more technical savy team. Those guys are some of the best in the industry.

BlindMango831d ago

A user in the Dualshockers comment section posted this image of the map referencing different areas in the game, yeah it could definitely be that big. Holy crap it's impressive lol

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DarkOcelet832d ago

Holy! If this is really true then this game will be super huge. Witcher 3 and GTAV looks really small in comparison.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory832d ago

So bigger than
Xenoblade Chronicles X
The Witcher III
Just Cause 3

WeAreLegion832d ago

Just Cause 1/2/3 have insanely massive maps. If this is bigger than Panau, consider me impressed.

Erik7357832d ago

I love Square Miles games

Kamikaze135832d ago

It can be as big as it wants to be, I just hope it's not big just to be big and we get some content and a reason to explore in that open world.

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