TGR's Rumor Killers: Microsoft Buys Take-Two, Shenmue 3, Soul Calibur 4

TGR - "If there are two games that all people agree were out of this world on the Sega Dreamcast, it would be Shenmue and Shenmue 2. Both created by legendary developer Yu Suzuki, the game had amazing depth, freedom, and interactivity, capped off with a gripping storyline and incredible characters, so it comes as no wonder that so many Shenmue fans want the story finished. This past week, hope rose from the ashes just to go up in flames again all in the matter of a couple of days."

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Silogon3520d ago

I loved how they said, imagine GTA5 as an exclusive. I don't even wanna see another GTA game after that walking pile of cat $#*T they called part 4.

Viktor E3520d ago

GTA 4 was severely limited by DVD 9,that's why San Andreas has more Content and Gameplay features.

I expect if Microsoft were to acquire T2 then future GTAs would suffer due to the Outdated Technology implemented in the Xbox 360.

Relin3520d ago

Really, if this is so highly acclaimed, how have I never heard of it? Am I missing out on something great?

kazuma3520d ago (Edited 3520d ago )

yes, you are.

edit: btw shenmue 1 and 2 came out on the dreamcast (although 2 is only available in japan and europe) but 2 also came out on the xbox along with a "movie" that contained all of shenmue 1 cutscenes.

Relin3520d ago

*goes to Google search Shenmue*

Crazy Larry3520d ago

If you lived through the Dreamcast era, it was damn near impossible to have not heard of it. The game was legendary for its time. Though a lot of folks were already starting their Playstation fanboyism, and blocked out all else that was good in the land of gaming.

PirateThom3520d ago

Shenmue was the first of the really big budget games. It never made even close to its money back on the Dreamcast.

deno3520d ago Show
Relin3520d ago

For God sake, I'd never heard of the game because I didn't own a Dreamcast. Relax.

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Reibooi3520d ago

It's really sad that we may never see the end of the Shenmue story. I loved the games and at the time they were revolutionary and to some degree they still are. Just the thought of a next gen Shenmue makes me giddy but at the same time sad because I know its very unlikely that it will ever happen.

ReBurn3520d ago

One of these days I'll face Lan Di. My father will be avenged!

Surfman3520d ago

MS is the cancer of gaming.

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