D.A. in PlayStation shooting still investigating deputy

The investigation into the fatal police shooting of a college student suspected of stealing video game consoles is continuing, even though a grand jury declined to indict a former sheriff's deputy, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Another grand jury could hear evidence against fired Cpl. Christopher Long, who prosecutors say shot Peyton Strickland at the 18-year-old's home December 1 after Long mistook the sound of a battering ram for gunshots coming from inside the house.

New Hanover County District Attorney Ben David wouldn't say what charges he would pursue.

A grand jury voted against indicting Long on a charge of second-degree murder Monday. Initially it appeared that the panel had issued an indictment, but the foreman told a judge Tuesday that he had simply checked the wrong box on the indictment form.

Long's attorney Michael McGuinness said David should have dropped the case in light of the grand jury's decision, but Ron Wright, a criminal procedure professor at Wake Forest University's law school, said there's nothing to stop the prosecutor from presenting a case a second time. The grand jury that met this week will not sit again, but a new panel will consider cases starting next month...

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