Final Fantasy VIII Revisited

Checkpoint Ahead: "I’m a PlayStation gamer through and through. The first console I ever owned was a PlayStation. The first game I ever owned was NCAA 99 and playing it made me realize that I was not a fan of sports games. After begging my dad to take me to the game store I finally convinced him to buy me what I considered my “real” first PlayStation experience: Final Fantasy VIII. I was blown away. It was a real story and it had deep gameplay mechanics. Figuring it out how it all worked was the most rewarding experience I had as a gamer."

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TheLyonKing812d ago

Ff8 was the first complete ff playthrough I did my characters were all level 50 before the end of disc 2 and squall was 68. I find the story and the themes of this game great not to mention squalls character development.
Plus the musical score by nobou is amazing.

Becuzisaid812d ago

Wow, you played way more hardcore than I ever did. I don't think I've ever beaten the game with characters above level 48! And it's not like I didn't do a lot of side activities or anything.

DragonKnight812d ago

If you're not level 100 with all the best weapons you're a casual.

You can even get Lionheart on Disc 1.

Chaos_Raiden812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

This is my first PS1 game, and it is a very nostalgic and great game to me.

Should have bought it, FFVII, and FFIX earlier during last Square Enix PS Store sale...

Kurisu812d ago

SE are always doing PSN sales. I'm sure you'll have your chance again pretty soon :D

Becuzisaid812d ago

They have a 50% sale on PSN at least 2-3 times a year consistently.

ninsigma812d ago

Quite enjoyed 8. Played it for ages but got stuck on the last boss for a while and then never went back to it.

k2d812d ago

They say the first FF you play is most likely your favorite.

In my case, FF8 is my second FF I've played through, but is still probably my favorite. When you subtract all the cons from the pros, FF8 remains the richest installment in the series yet. /imo

LightofDarkness812d ago

That seems to be the case, people often develop practically unreasonable attachments to their first as well (particularly those whose first was FFX). I think replaying much of the series with the benefit of hindsight helps to put them into perspective better.

Ravenheartzero812d ago

FF8 was the first FF I played and first RPG I ever played too, it's thanks to it I'm such a huge RPG fan 17 years after it released. But FF9 took the crown for my favourite game of all time, that game just blew me away. FF7,8,9 will always be special to me, such fantastic games.

JevonDee812d ago

Ffmq and 4 were my first ff games, but 8 became my favorite. Might have been because I was at a perfect age to understand the Squall character. But even now as an adult I still think this game stands the test of time.

kalkano812d ago

People often SAY that your first is usually your favorite, but polls and topics asking about it quickly show that it's not the case.

k2d811d ago

Could you link to some of them? Preferably with 100+ votes. I've seen my share of votes, but none that to my recollection refutes the saying.

k2d807d ago

The anomaly might be that FF6 through 9 or 10 are so good, that nostalgia ends up being the deciding factor. Sorry, I'm being quasi logical/philosophical here :)

kalkano807d ago

I think nostalgia is very overblown, when it comes to what we like more. Nostalgia makes us look back at certain times in our lives fondly, but has never altered how much I like something.

It's also not just for a specific age. I'm 32, and I just recently felt nostalgia for a game I played 4 years ago...Does that mean I only like the game (Skyrim) because of nostalgia? Of course not.

k2d805d ago

Is it reeeally nostalgia in the fullest sense, then? Nostalgia is truly a term that describes many different phenomena in our minds. Hey.. This is a discussion I should have had with you in person. I'm sure we would have found some kind of a middle ground.

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LightofDarkness812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

This was the third FF I'd played, and remains one of my least favourites. I liked the game, but it wasn't on the same level as FFVII and VI that I'd played before it. People have gone blue in the face describing its many flaws so I won't bother re-iterating them here (watch Spoony's review for a comprehensive run-down).

He's enjoying it so far, but he's only on disc one. The game had a pretty good start, but it all goes pear-shaped from then on, unfortunately (with regards plot). FFIX renewed my faith in the series, thankfully.

Becuzisaid812d ago

I thought the story remained tense and engaging through Disc 2 - come on, the giant Garden battle?? It did get a little stretched in Disc 3 with unconscious Rinoa and Lunatic Pandora. Though I loved the space station segment (not the Ragnorok bug-infestation part).

LightofDarkness812d ago

Just the whole bit where a certain someone wakes up with no visible injuries and no explanation as to why. The garden battle is a cool segment, sure. But there's also that stupid missile base part (why is Selphie in charge again?). It's been a while so I can't recall all of the dumb plot points/holes.

DragonKnight812d ago

Just because he has no visible injuries doesn't mean it's a flaw. We don't know that he wasn't healed after that event, we aren't told exactly how much time passed, and don't forget that it's the PS1, how do you expect them to actually render those physical injuries? The explanation is left open on purpose.

The missile base part is a flaw but only because it was entirely pointless. The end result could have been achieved whether or not that whole base operation even happened.

LightofDarkness812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

They don't explain it. At all. It's just "Oh, guess I'm fine, back to the big mission!" That is what's commonly referred to as a "plot hole." As in there's a missing bit that creates inconsistencies in the story. What purpose could there possibly be for leaving that open, if it wasn't to be answered later and have it be a relevant plot point? Either way it's bad story-telling.

And plenty of PS1 games rendered visible injuries on character models, that's no excuse (Resident Evil, MGS, etc.) And I think that was obvious about the missile silo being pointless filler, I just asked a further question as to why Selphie would ever be in charge.

DragonKnight812d ago

And again, it's not needing of an explanation when you can factor in things like "Hmm, he was being interrogated, so obviously they'd need him to stay alive for it" and put two and two together. Also, again, it was the PS1, how would you expect them to render the injury? It isn't PC gaming with much greater capability.

I mean, just the game previous Cloud fell literally from hundreds of feet and landed on a flower bed and was perfectly fine. Suspension of disbelief goes with limited technology.

So what we have is Squall got an injury, flashback scenes of him being interrogated, the understanding that a dead man tells no tales, and the explanation is 1 of 2 options. 1. Significant time passed or 2. He was healed. Too many people call it a plot hole because they're hung up on needing a direct explanation for what should be obvious.

It's the same nonsense as the "Squall was dreaming the whole thing" theory or the "Rinoa is Ultimecia" theory. It relies on made up plot holes because people can't seem to actually think for themselves. If they don't receive a direct explanation, then it's bad writing and a plot hole even though logic explains what happened pretty easily.

And you're not seriously comparing games like Resident Evil 1 and MGS to a Final Fantasy game are you? You do know the difference in scale between such games right?

But I agree, I don't know why Selphie was put in charge, especially since you can choose a team with Quistis on it, and she was not too long ago an instructor. But whatever.

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elbeasto86811d ago

I personally enjoy the fan theory behind that whole lack of injury. But I'm just a fan of fan theories in general. I don't think any of the games are flat out terrible. They all have parts they do really well whether it's story, combat, side games or mechanics.

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