The Wii (just the console) only costs $158 to make.

Japanese economic site, Toyokeizai, broke down the Wii components by price and discovered that it apparently, only costs Nintendo about $158 to make a Wii.

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UrbanJabroni4384d ago

Demand is beyond belief. They are flying off the shelves and I doubt it will stop anytime soon.

The _second_ demand diminishes, they will be able to drop the price to what it should have been, $200 or $150 to increase demand and STILL make a substantial profit.

I love the Wii, but I do not want it to "win" this generation, as I feel there is still very much a place for the "hardcore" console and games.

MS needs to drop the 360 price to $200 and $300 respectively for the core and premium, lest I see Wii demand outpacing the 360 and far too expensive for mainstream PS3.

kornbeaner4384d ago

MS just needs to stop making the core system and focus on dropping the price of the Premium pack. The core package is garbage. I would rather buy a wii anyday over a 360 core package. And for the PS3 it's to late to ask for a price drop since i already have one. it's F'n great.

UrbanJabroni4383d ago

I had to get a PS3 for work, and I must say that I really did enjoy RFOM. At this point, however, I would have a hard time recommending the system to someone...the games really aren't there yet (like all launches). If someone really doesn't want a 360 for some reason, I would recommend they get the Wii now and wait on the PS3 until next Christmas and a hopeful price drop.

mellowspaz4383d ago

I agree they need to disregard the core pack. Microsoft shouldn't drop the price though, that'd be too premature... they're probably saving that for when PS3 drops in price. Right now in all the stores I'm at, that's all that is left from sales because everyone else is buying the premium pack.

PS360WII4383d ago

So way does MS still make the Core? It is useless. And as far as those numbers go it's just the insides and not all of them. So that number isn't really all that truthfull

calderra4383d ago

What happens when your system fries, but your HD is fine, and you just want a new console? People beg for Cores when that happens.

Appreciate the Core now- it might save you some cash later.

calderra4383d ago

I have to say...
I'm kind of appalled at Nintendo about this one. They make claims that they "aren't in it for the money" like their competitors, but realistically, they could've released this console for $150 and made a profit on accessories and games. They're basically ripping off every single buyer for $100, for a 30+% profit margin. Wow.

Heck, this console could've been released for only $99 (read: Gamecube 1.5) and they could have easily still broken even on games and accessories.

That's kind of sickening to me. At least I know both Microsoft and Sony were so desperate to get at each other's throats that they took a loss on their hardware to get me to buy. Nintendo just wants to lube me up and bend me over from the get-go.


ChickeyCantor4383d ago

even if they ripped you off, i know for sure you would have done the same=P

if they say they aint in for the money is bullsh^te......
i got a Wii, and i dont feel "ripped off" i knew nintendo is going to make a huge profit but still i got a nintendo(ZELDA, Wario, Metroid, SSBB etc etc..its the games i want).

anyhow have fun with bending over!

miyamoto said he wanted a 100 dollar console, but then said the Flash memory took the price up.........i guess thats the 50 buks.....together 150 dollar.....but hey lets make a profit and put it on 250!
and you know why? its still cheaper then the other 2.......they could have put it on 150, but see the big gap between a 150 dollar nintendo console and (what? 300 ? 350 dollar)xbox360?
even if its a rip off, its going to sell anyway becozz its still cheaper then the other 2(360 and PS3)

Harry4383d ago

Ever thought about the people that have put work in to the machine? Don't they deserve some cash?

If the WHOLE process was mechanical then maybe..

uxo224383d ago

now, does this price of 158 only include the console. or is the price inclusive of every thing in the box. (wiimote and numbchuck).

MaXXiN4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

this is just the console cost and they did not include stuff like the controllers, wii sports and cables.

they also didn't mention nintendo's expenses such as R&D and marketing so the final price is reasonable. its not like they are making a $92 profit on this thing.

nintendo just didn't feel like putting themselves at risk like sony is doing with the ps3 and they don't have the unlimited cashflow microsoft has from its other branches to support xbox losses.

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