Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review - Time

The new pinnacle of stealth gaming, and a triumphant farewell from one of the medium's brightest luminaries.

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SaveFerris879d ago

Time magazine does gaming reviews now?

Ezio2048879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Yup. I think it's the first game reviewed by TIME.

scark92879d ago

Its about TIME! *BA DUM TSK*

.. Please love me

Bathyj879d ago

I love you. Everything you said after it's about time was hilarious.

Of course, I've been drinking.

xer0879d ago

I think we're all a bit surprised.

Testament to Kojimas creativity and gaming culture, becoming one of the most popular and mainstream activities.

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ArchangelMike879d ago

Anything for hits. But its a good thing that a high profile mag like TIME does game reviews. It can only be good for gaming - in this case a very good thing for MGSV. That perfect review score!

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Perjoss879d ago

Currently sitting at 95 on Metacritic, thats GTA/Super Mario territory, really impressive.

scark92879d ago

Could I be awaiting the best game I will ever play? Metal Gear Solid 3 is currently my top 1, very interesting (and long) wait.

Perjoss879d ago

Depends on what you liked about 3, reviewers are saying MGSV is not as story heavy as pervious games in the series and the cutscenes are much shorter. I dont mind either long or short cutscenes as long as they have just the right amount of Kojimaness in them ;)

harikaerif879d ago

Other MGS games have 94-96 metacritic scores too. So it's basically MGS territory too.

Perjoss878d ago

True but Phantom Pain's development was a little rocky, no David Hayter and that whole Kojima departure fiasco. Not to mention Konami going through a phase of abandoning AAA games development in favor of mobile games.

LoveSpuds879d ago

Never thought I would say this, but after 18 hours over 2 days, I may have played a game that topples Bloodborne for my game of the year. It really is as good as the reviews suggest and I have barely scratched the surface.

TK-421879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

You've been playing for 18 hours?? WTH

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