[email protected]: Shovel Knight Amiibo announced, Kerbal Space Progam coming to Wii U, more

Nintendo announced a Shovel Knight Amiibo, confirmed Kerbal Space Progam for Wii U with console-exclusive features, and debuted the latest footage of FAST Racing Neo, Hive Jump, and other independently developed games during its [email protected] event in Seattle this evening.

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PhoenixUp1179d ago

Oh wow the rumors were true

Metallox1179d ago

FAST Racing looks incredible.

RPGrinder1179d ago

Thank god he is not coming to Smash.

higgins781179d ago

The reason for the WiiU being console of this gen keeps growing and growing. Still won't stop it being sorely overlooked, the reason (I believe) being not enough 'mature' 3rd party fodder available. Sad really, it like people learned nothing with the Dreamcast...