Wii U: 9 Hotly Anticipated Games That Actually Make It Worth Buying


There’s no point in sugar-coating it, the Wii U has a terrible reputation. Third-party developers and publishers have all but abandoned the console in favour of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and because of that, the console has essentially garnered itself the image of being a small, expensive box with a disc tray with nothing to put in it.

Such a reputation may be self-inflicted to some degree (the console is objectively weaker in power and performance than its contemporaries), but the Wii U has been quietly at the forefront of innovation, encouraging the developers it does work with to provide as many new and different gameplay experiences as possible to the usual triple-A onslaught found on its competitors.

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PhoenixUp1210d ago

Nintendo consoles will always be great to have to play Nintendo games, but not much else

WizzroSupreme1210d ago

Might I suggest Bayonetta 2, Lego City: Undercover, The Wonderful 101, Batman: Arkham City, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

PhoenixUp1210d ago

Might I respond that I'm not talking just about myself but the market as a whole. Some of those games can be experienced on a cheaper last gen system with similar performance.