Xbox One VS PS4 Microsoft Corporation Stunned by Past Glory

Microsoft won't make much money, if any, from the Xbox One VS PS4 battle, but that may not be the firm's aim any more. Phil Spencer, the man in charge of the Xbox brand, has openly stated that beating Sony isn't among his team's goals. What's important is making sure that the Xbox One isn't a complete failure.

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Foehammer1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

So the Backward Compatibility is boosting sales of 360 games

Mission accomplished: more happy gamers with an every increasing library of choices.

"Sony hasn’t done anything really wrong, though some gamers aren’t happy with its purchase of so many third party exclusives, but the firm isn’t making as many big happy announcements as the Xbox team is right now."

I agree, the exclusives coming out now are very impressive and will be a big part of the holiday sales, especially when you can get those AND the third party titles on X1, 2016 is going really good as well for everyone.

DarkSniper1207d ago Show
Eonjay1207d ago

Except almost everyone can count more bigger games in the works for the PS4. Don't be fooled by the exclusive propaganda. The truth is 3rd party is destroying everyone right now. Mortal Kombat, The Witcher 3, Batman, and Metal Gear are just a few examples.

Nintendo and Microsoft are proof positive that a handful of exclusive games doesn't matter when Sony is delivering the best 3rd party console platform and exclusives littered throughout.

Septic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

'exclusive propaganda'

Lol what do you mean?

"Nintendo and Microsoft are proof positive that a handful of exclusive games "

Let me stop you there. A handful eh? Best exclusives you say? What's your metric other than yourself? Because that's not proof of anything other than your own disposition.

You would be hard pressed to deride the Xbox One's future lineup. Its going toe to toe with Sony and there is no massive disparity or propaganda as you say there is. Also, you cannot downplay exclusives because of short term implications. In the long run, the value proposition of a console is increased immensely as consumers associate quality to consoles not just based on third party titles.

"The truth is 3rd party is destroying everyone right now."

Why are people suddenly realising this now and not last gen when the exact same state of affairs were in play? Third party titles have ALWAYS been commanding real profits. In that sense, that propaganda has always been operating yes.

S2Killinit1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Fact is: PS4 has more exclusives, and more exclusives in the pipeline. In each and every category. Isnt it time we gave credit where it is due?

Edit: the article's reasoning makes a lot of assumptions. While reading it i kept thinking "moving the goal posts outside the stadium at this point". At least i hope the author is coming from an honest standpoint and not trying to trick would-be xbone purchusers.

xHeavYx1207d ago

Sony has deals with 3rd party developers because the PS4 is destroying the competition, selling more than 2nd and 3rd place COMBINED.
Not only that, Sony has always had a story of more acclaimed 1st party games and more of a diversity. Except for a few exclusions, most of the games coming to the One are shooters.
Also, when it comes to exclusive games, Sony not only has more games, they also have a wider variety, as shown here

Septic1207d ago

"Sony has deals with 3rd party developers because the PS4 is destroying the competition"

And it has nothing to do with money? No money hatting here?

When you have Sony's own execs say things are a little sparse first party wise and more reliance on third party deals, you simply think its because devs are clamouring to sign off deals with Sony and not money hatting like how the term was thrown about so much last gen?

Its just a change of play yes but its still money hatting. It always has been. There's no nobility in it, if such a thing even matters.

Eonjay1207d ago


I think you misunderstand. I am saying that everyone has great linups but the 3rd party will win the day. There are simply too many of them, they employ the vast majority of developers, musicians, and artists, and they are making great games.

Septic1207d ago


But they always have mate. A cursory glance at Last gen will show that.

Eonjay1207d ago


Exactly. I agree 100%

BitbyDeath1207d ago

@Septic, are you really trying to argue that Sony can and has outbid Microsoft on almost every occasion? If it were just about money then MS would have the 3rd parties on their side. Truth is 3rd parties simply move to whomever will have the greater sales ensuring greater sales for their own games.

APexGamer451207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


"Sony relying on 3rd party"

You do realize if you just count MS's 1st party, you only have Forza and kinect game....

Look at PS3 vs X360. Sony twice number of exclusives in 80 to 100. There is no comparison here.

joeorc1207d ago

"Sony hasn’t done anything really wrong, though some gamers aren’t happy with its purchase of so many third party exclusives, but the firm isn’t making as many big happy announcements as the Xbox team is right now."

I mean this right here is the very reason that you just cannot look at this objectively and sit there and even say that is even remotely true.bnot in the slightest.

" the firm isn’t making as many big happy announcements as the Xbox team is right now."

Gee who still has not one , not two but three more conferences and one of which is right in smack dab holiday season in December. And yet you have the above claim?

Sony is not making any real big announcement's as Xbox team?
Never mind they were tied for the largest booth presence @Gamescom, but yet its claimed over and over in the gaming media or implied painting the perception that Sony was not there! At Gamescom.

SpringHeeledJack1207d ago

This kid septic out again defending the xbox and attacking Sony. Didn't see you complaining when xbox 360 was getting all the 3rd party treatment. Talk about double standards he was defending low scores of until dawn but attacking low scores of Gears of war earlier hypocrite.

Very little money hatting is needed by Sony when the PS4 install base is so much bigger than the xbox.

Bigpappy1207d ago

3rd party has always dominated the sales charts except on Nintendo consoles. The is not the sheer number of exclusives coming, but which ones are more innovative and generate he most excitement. Right now I think Xbox is winning the excitement battle, but its not possible to predict if the excitement will be enough to push sales on a mass scale. What I can say for sure, is that it makes current owners very happy that they own the Xbox. They will get to play the same 3rd part, while looking forward to the exciting and innovative games and features.

freshslicepizza1207d ago

he/she who makes the most money wins, not necessarily who sells the most. the xbox is basically just a gateway to bigger things.

showtimefolks1207d ago

I don't understand this, didn't ms totally depend on the same 3 to 4 franchises all last gen? Also didn't xbox360 made its name on 3rd party exclusive marketing deals/bundles/exclusive and or early dlc content?

This holiday season will be very telling on who really dominates(BTW I don't see either Xbox or ps4 outselling each other by huge margins in the months that either consoles win in the usa, world wide we all know ps4 will dominate)

Exclusives are personal preference, some may like jalo,forza,gears and tomb raider others may like other titles.

For as much as ms are touting their exclusive lineup and how Xbox fans are saying Xbox one will dominate all I have to say is it better, otherwise it can't do much else. Xbox one is getting it's biggest ip in halo, but than again halo 3 was the peak for the franchise and no other halo games have come close to passing halo 3 sales numbers

I give month of September and November to ps4 (mgs 5 bundle world wide and exclusive marketing, destiny taken king bundle, uncharted collection, quite possiblly assassin creed syndicate bundle, star wars bundles and call of duty exclusive marketing)

Xbox one October and December(halo 5, tomb raider, forza 6, rainbow six and just cause 3 exclusive marketing. Halo 5 bundle, forza bundle)

But even when ps4 wins a month it won't be by a huge margin and when Xbox one wins it also won't do so with a huge margin

Even month of October Sony can fight against halo 5 with uncharted collection and assassin creed syndicate bundle. Not saying it will outsell but it can do quite well

So if Sony did win 2 months out of 4 in holiday and still sell the most world wide did they really loose anything? By doing this they are giving all their developers extra time to develop. I think people are forgetting what ps4 can unleash in 2016 and beyond

Uncharted 4
God of war
The last guardian
Shenmue 3 ps4 first
Deep down
Street fighter 5
Ff7 ps4 first
Persona 5
New IP from Quantic dreams
New IP from Sony London
Quit possibly a new game in bloodborne universe

Second team over at ND
Second and 3rd teams over at Santa Monica(they have total of 3 with one doing god of war)

I think ps4 is so far ahead of Xbox one that sony can take some risks like giving their developers extra time. 13 plus million lead will take this whole generation and a lot of Sony scew ups to vanish

Death1207d ago

That really doesn't make sense. Sony is dominating the competition so third parties are flocking to the platform to make deals where everyone is already playing? Why would third parties need to make incentives where they already have an audience? If anything they would go where they need the most help making sales.

The third party deals are being made by Sony to bolster their sparse first party lineup this year. A mountain of indie shovelware will not replace quality first party exclusives no matter how much you want them too.

As for multiplatform games giving Sony an edge, by definition multiplatform games are on multiple platforms like the PS4 and Xbox One.

You guys are starting to sound way to desperate to make it sound like Sony has the most compelling line up for the year. They don't unless you bought the worlds most powerful console to play budget games. Next year will be a great year for Sony. You don't need to "win" at everything to be happy.

triple_c1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I laugh at people that think and say that Microsoft's first party can compete with Sony's first party when Microsoft's first party is generally pumping out the same AAA exclusives which is..? You guessed it! Halo, Gears and Forza..

I mean look at next year.

Games being made by Microsoft's studios that are slated to be coming out next year.

Gears of War 4
Sea of Thieves

Games being made by Sony's studios that are slated to be coming out next year.

Horizon Zero Dawn
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Mlb 16: The Show
Gran Turismo 7

Sony still has 3 more shows as well so more could possibly be added to the list.

I mean you can even look at last generation as well. Last generation is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Look at how the the PS3 destroyed the 360 in terms of first party exclusives last generation.

In terms of first party output, there is no comparison.. Sony takes a massive dump on Microsoft when it comes to first party support. Most of Microsoft's AAA exclusives are being made by 3rd parties and most of Sony's AAA exclusives are being made by their own first party studios but a lot of people don't seem to realize that.

1207d ago
APexGamer451207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


Beside your obvious bias aside, the question clearly states "FROM XBOX ONE vs PS4 BATTLE"

So PC is pretty excluded from there. Also, MS dont get any cut from PC games sales.

dcbronco1207d ago

Triplec two of the games you named aren't mad by Sony studios. And of the four that are, two are part of a long line of sequels. Both companies have more to announce so let's wait and see before we judge.

Though besides what the cloud will bring I'm betting Microsoft has a few other big announcements coming. For one go back and watch the video for the indie game Tacoma. There is something huge coming. To the average gamer with blinders on it will appear insignificant. But in the real world it will be a seismic event that will create goodwill even from gaming's biggest critics. The mainstream media will eat it up and the word Xbox will be on every channel for weeks.

Azzanation1207d ago


*Except almost everyone can count more bigger games in the works for the PS4.*

Is this really what gamers think? From what iv seen there are more blockbuster games out and coming out for XB1 at the moment. Sony have more smaller games that are PC/PS4 exclusives like most of the Indie and PC ports but if your looking on the 1st party front, I see MS having the bigger games in 2015 and they did in 2014 as well and 2016 doesn't look like there slowing down. Sony will have a massive year in 2016 and no one is denying it but to say they have bigger games in the making is nothing more then wishful thinking. The competition from all platforms aren't slowing down in 2016 and beyond. XB1 will keep up with the PS4 on 1st party titles in 2016, it might not outsell the PS4 but they will bring the games like they have been doing for the past a couple of years.

AndrewLB1207d ago


And what did all those exclusives do for Sony? last I checked 360 games outsold PS3 games by over 20 million copies even though Sony sold more consoles. People hate hearing this, but the only reason why the PS3 consoles outsold 360 was due to the blu-ray player. At the time of release, a Blu-ray player cost over $600 and most of them sucked. PS3 consoles were fantastic players which is why my parents bought a PS3 for movies and have never once played a game on it. Same goes for other people I know.

To be honest, buying it for just the blu-ray was kind of a dirt-bag move considering how much money Sony lost on each of them.

StrayaKNT1207d ago

When you have nothing to brag about but third party marketing deals, you know your preferred platform isn't delivering the goods lmao we get to play those games too dude infact nobody will be playing cod when halo comes out except those who can't play halo :) enjoy

shloobmm31207d ago

Sony's own execs said there won't be as many AAA exclusives. Nothing Sony has right now and has had since Bloodborne is remotely close to competing with the exclusives MS is bringing to the table. If you wanna talk about the number of games that are coming to XB1/Pc and not coming to PS4.

Third party exclusive deals are about money and only money. PS4 has its big lead over XB1 and yet MS secured the COD:AW deal that July. MS simply decided to stop shelling out that money.

triple_c1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The denial is strong in you.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games)
The Last Guardian (Sony Japan)
Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog)
Dreams (Media Molecule)
MLB 16: The Show (Sony San Diego)
Gran Turismo 7 (Polyphony Digital)

Every game that I named in that list is being developed by Sony's first party studios. Lying to yourself isn't going to change the facts.

Kleptic1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )


you're obviously extremely confused as to how MS handles their Xbox Line, and windows (be it windows 10, or 8, or 7, etc.)

publishing a game on windows 10, or 8, or 7, no different than publishing any form of software on that make it, you support it, its your problem...

that is 180 degrees from how publishing on an xbox one have to opt in and pay for a whole bunch of things first, including contracts on royalties per copy sold, but then get helped with support and other hosting duties within the closed network of XBL and the system.

MS doesn't make any money from games sold on steam...or EA's Origin, or Battlenet, etc...but, MS doens't help those media outlets cover bandwidth requirements for pushing games to clients, support with hosting, etc.

windows gaming is like Google/Android is to mobile...Xbox is like Apple is to is more feature filled, far more open, and more popular overall compared to iOS...just as windows is to apple's OS...but apple users claim it isn't, and are extremely loud about it...its frightening how MS has two different products that go to the two extremes like that...but, both situations are fueled by ignorance, which is what this was an attempt at correcting...

Professor_K1207d ago

I was with you on 3rd party games until the second paragraph i mean just LoL this is straight up advertisment. no, i would never by a ps4 simply to play 3rd party games specialy when the xbox is cheaper and has a better value.

dcbronco1207d ago

My bad Triplec, you're right. A couple of them do need to work on their ability to get a game out of the door though. Those five and six years turn over times need to be shortened by three or so years.

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rdgneoz31207d ago

"though some gamers aren’t happy with its purchase of so many third party exclusives"

Pot calling kettle black? MS did it all the time last gen and even spent $50 mill on GTA IV timed DLC. Hell, one of the big exclusives this holiday season is a "third party exclusive" MS bought, of which the previous game sold more and ran better on PS4.

-Foxtrot1207d ago

"but the firm isn’t making as many big happy announcements as the Xbox team is right now"

Because they don't have a reason for announcing almost everything.

They are just following the same structure of announcing/releasing games they did with the PS3.

Only game they really announced far too early has been Uncharted 4 but that's because of problems within the studio as Amy Hennig left.

Microsoft had more free time to make more games as they didn't release anything in the final year of the 360 before the Xbox One came. Plus lets not forget they've needed to make these games because of where they are at the minute. Microsoft needed to kick up the backside to focus on gamers and their first party while Sony has never needed that as they've always done it.

fishy11207d ago

Only game they really announced far too early has been Uncharted 4 but that's because of problems within the studio as Amy Hennig left.....

FFVII shenmue..... you have a short memory both those are not release games. Both are barely in production. MS did not announce games 2-3 years out. Are you really that brainwashed??

freshslicepizza1207d ago

"Only game they really announced far too early has been Uncharted 4 but that's because of problems within the studio as Amy Hennig left."

you can't be serious.

the last guardian, shenmue 3 (to be fair it needs funding first), ffvii remake ( i doubt it will be out in 2016), david cage demo on the ps4, driveclub, media molecules dreams, project morpheus, no mans sky, the witness.

OldDude1207d ago


"A console more powerful than God" huh...

Is that why it doesn't have games at 60fps? Is that why they are being sued about lying about 1080p? (Killzone)

Yeah, I have a PS4 also, and its about as powerful as a mid-range PC. So while I don't know your definition of God, if its more powerful than the god you worship than your God is a punk.

Also odd how all Sony fanboys do is make fun of shooters on Xbox when their biggest selling games on PS4 are guess what... SHOOTERS! Also you guys brag about marketing rights for guess what... SHOOTERS!

Your post is idiotic.

ShaunCameron1207d ago

<Also odd how all Sony fanboys do is make fun of shooters on Xbox when their biggest selling games on PS4 are guess what... SHOOTERS! Also you guys brag about marketing rights for guess what... SHOOTERS!>


Magicite1207d ago Show
LamerTamer1207d ago

Yeah Foe you also get the third party titles on xbox, but they look better on PS4. Whether you want to admit it or not The PS4 GPU is stronger hardware and 1080p looks better than 900p. Many including me notice the crisper picture.

As far as better exclusives that is totally subjective. Both have good exclusives.

thecowsaysmoo1207d ago

Forcing 1080p games are bad when it effects fps. Just like zombi, cod, ass creed , witcher 3, ect...

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2pacalypsenow1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

Yeah because they are loosing the sales battle , if MS was ahead it would be singing a different tune ,and we would be hearing from Aaron greenberg every week

But BC is a nice feature

Magicite1207d ago

''Phil Spencer[..]has openly stated that beating Sony isn't among his team's goals. What's important is making sure that the Xbox One isn't a complete failure.''
-basically he acknowledged that they cant compete with Sony and that Xbox is a failure (for now).

Obility1207d ago

It makes me sad thinking that fanboys like u are around. Its very annoying and dumb how people keep saying Xbox is a failure just cause they have lower sales than just one of their competitors. Xbox is far from a failure. Its selling faster than the 360 and doing great. Why try beating your competitors buy getting useless exclusive content when u can give ur fans exclusive games instead. I don't give a shit if that makes Xbox sales lower than PS. Sure ya the PS4 is selling great but if your on Xbox or even PlayStation there's no reason why you should give a shit. It would only make more sense in saying the wii u is a failure but not because it got beaten by its competitors when it came out a year earlier. Because its selling a lot slower than its past consoles and not much know that its not an extension for the wii. They are all great consoles but I'm sure most of us know that the sales difference is not because xbox was a failure at launch. Its literally marketing. I'm look at you don mattrick. (smh)

PhoenixUp1207d ago

Xbox One is performing a lot better than Xbox 360 did. How having your fastest selling console on the market be considered a failure is beyond absurd.

People just need to accept that the Xbox brand will never be as successful as the PlayStation brand, but they can both be successful on their own individual merits.

Septic1207d ago


People shouldn't gauge the value of a console based on sales, as so many on here do. Thats just absolutely stupid.

Success isn't always measured by sizing yourself up against others. True success is knowing you've bettered yourself. In this industry, MS has made all the right moves to tremendous change after making almost all the wrong one's at the start.

Gamers have every reason to be excited by Xbox and I don't see how anyone can argue to the contrary.

Trekster_Gamer1207d ago

Septic, they will argue ANY point that puts a positive light on the XBOX brand.

Xbox has made amazing strides since release but blind fanboyism here is rampant.

vikingland11207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

It's not just the xbox brand that the sony fanboys hate it's any brand other than sony that they hate. It was the same in the n64 and dreamcast era. Sales sales sales is all that's important to them. It's pure arrogance just as it's always been with the sdf, this is nothing new ,where have all you people been for the last 20 years?

1207d ago
Magicite1207d ago

Only for now, x360 had it rough at start, but later on it performed really well everywhere worldwide, even much better in Japan, than X1 does. X1 has no luxuries to keep up.

LamerTamer1207d ago

A problem that no one really talks about is the fact that the xbone REQUIRES an internet connection. If you want to play a new game often you need to update the xbox OS before you can play it. They don't put that update on the game disc, so no internet ,no play. The PS4 on the other hand has the OS updates on the game disc. So if you need to update to play the game it is there, no connection required. That may not sound like a big deal but for worldwide sales it can be. Not all countries have good internet and in some places not all gamers have internet access. In those places Xbone is unusable.

shloobmm31207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

That is no true at all. you obviously have never played an xbox one. Stop spewing your nonsense. Your ignorance is pathetic.

Obility1207d ago

wtf r u talking about. It think u don't know the difference between windows xp and xbox one. U need to update the os on windows xp to play the newest games (sometimes) not xbox one.

Rookie_Monster1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

MS are doing fine IMO. Doesn't matter how Sony or Nintendo are doing, they are still outpacing last gen consoles at the same 22 months time frame and they just had a 44% increase in console sale in July compared to last year on NPD.

MS are doing everything that are music to many XB1 gamers' ears and they will be rewarded on the end with their continue effort and listening to feedbacks from the community and Phil Spencer is the perfect man for the job. And so far, what they are doing are really nice:

-Tons of exclusive games on its way with Gears Ultimate and Rare Replay just released and ForzA 6 is like 2 weeks away with new a exciting IPS like QB, Scalebound and of course the potentially evolutionary Crackdown 3 on the way next year with no sigh of slowing down.

-BC to let x360 gamers keep and continue to play their investment, giving XB1 Gold Live members 2 more x360 BC games for free on their consoles each month in addition to the XB1 offering.

-Giving every xb1 account unlimited cloud saves, HDD for unlimited amount of storages and portability, ability to buy once and play it on Windows 10 PC as well like KI season 3. Stuffs like these are really appreciative as well and it all adds up.

So in they end, it is not a matter of trying to catch up to anyone but how they are currently performing with their own expectation and goals and numbers show, they are clearly on a right path.

Septic1207d ago

"So in they end, it is not a matter of trying to catch up to anyone but how they are currently performing with their own expectation"

Add to that the expectations of their fans. If they keep this pace up, it will only serve to strengthen their brand. Microsoft are doing a great job with Xbox and we gamers are reaping the rewards of their struggles. As far as MS are concerned, if they keep this up, they are bound to be rewarded, if they aren't already.

1206d ago
user99502791207d ago

"Phil Spencer, the man in charge of the Xbox brand, has openly stated that beating Sony isn't among his team's goals. What's important is making sure that the Xbox One isn't a complete failure."

lol. wow. what a sad transparent and blatant mis-characterization. Do people actually think like this?

Seems to me that Phil made that statement, alluding to the fact that MS is now more focused on a unification of all its platforms, particularly PC and home consoles. And, as it happens, that's a space that Sony simply isn't competing in. MS' only real competition in that regard is Steam.

DragonKing811207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

As a PC gamer first they won't never compete with Steam. Competition is good though.

user99502791207d ago

Oh totally, as a distribution platform steam cant be beaten. Seems like an "if you cant beat em, join em" scenario.

Just as far as Steam OS and Steambox/PC unification, though. You know what I mean.

LamerTamer1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

I still don't see what is so great about Steam. All that is is a digital download service with loads of DRM. It is too restrictive on where you can play games. If I were a PC gamer I would avoid Steam and go the warez and torrentz rout, at least there you truly own the game and aren't restricted with draconian DRM.

shloobmm31207d ago is far superior to steam it just needs support and recognition.