Mad Max - PlayStation Exclusive Content | PS4

Sony presents a video with exclusive content for PS4.

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Abash1210d ago

Some cool extras, but was getting it for PS4 anyways

Enemy1210d ago

Same. The recent demos I've seen were running on PS4.

Repjaws1210d ago

I bought the PC version(even tho I have a PS4).Man this is bullshit,the person who started this "Exclusive DLC" thing should be hunt down and shot.This is not good for anyone.I would've been furious if it had been a car body.

ShinMaster1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

"I bought the PC version(even tho I have a PS4)"
And who's fault is that.

Jk, stuff like this doesn't surprise me anymore. I usually wait until the week of a game's release to before paying it off, but this announcement came pretty late.

Repjaws1210d ago

Yeah,but still this kind of thing is annoying,like paying for the same product but getting less,when did this become acceptable?

HammadTheBeast1210d ago

Yeah I hate it, and I don't think anyone really will purchase it on PS4 over another console for some hood ornaments.

I'm just glad its just cosmetics and not actual content, even though I'm on PS4 myself, it's just not "fair".

Repjaws1210d ago

Hate to break it to you,but those hood ornaments actually give your car stats lol.

Zklaus1210d ago

"exclusive until at least 11/30/15"

raWfodog1210d ago

Video says the exclusive period may only be until the end of November so that's not too long. I'm going to be waiting until next year to pick this game up anyway so there will probably be a GOTY edition with all DLC included by that time. You know how WB likes to milk it.

Izalith1210d ago

If im lucky, I will have the game tomorrow on PS4.

MadMax1209d ago

Yea, i think my local hole in the wall shop will be getting this tomorrow. I will be waiting! This exclusive content is included free with the game, first copies or something?

TrollityTroll1210d ago

Hate exclusive content in a multiplat game.
That's something that needs to die.
If a game is being released on multiple platforms make all the content available on all the platforms ffs!

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