Why Dishonored Was So Good in 2012 and The Definitive Edition Is Worth Your Time

Rossco Writes: "One of the most unique and incredible games I have ever played is launching on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week in Arkane Studios creation, Dishonored.

There is a lot to like about this game but for me it will always be the game that got me back into first person style games and started me back on the path of really enjoying the genre once again.

Dishonored was such an impressive new IP that if I had to pick my game of 2012 it would be very close to the top."

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NeoGamer2321204d ago

This was a solid game...

But, I will wait and pick it up when it is $10-20... Not at its current price.

shammgod1204d ago

i was lucky enough to get the $20 preorder price, but i was in the same boat before hearing about the discount.

I hate buying the same game twice, even though all DLC is included

Great game though

Frinker1204d ago

Just buy it on Steam and play in 1080p...

Frinker1204d ago

Only the cloud can support 4k mate.

Frinker1204d ago

Is someone going to explain why this is such a bad idea then?

NerdStalker1204d ago

Really good game, look forward to the sequel!

etownone1204d ago

I'll wait till it's free on XB gold

TheCommentator1204d ago

Dishonored was generic enough that I couldn't even finish it. Thief 3 was better in every way but I just hope Eidos doesn't screw up the reboot.

MilkMan1204d ago

That was a pretty nutty comment.

fanboysmackdown1204d ago probably preferred Rogue Warrior over Halo then too.

TheCommentator1204d ago

Dishonored stole most of its gameplay from Thief. I don't like Dishonored any more than Bioshock, which is also overrated to me, and another game that was so boring I didn't finish it. Why is it nutty that my tastes differ from yours anyways?

To add fuel to the fire:
I also hate the Metal Gear series, every JRPG ever, any fighting game, and all the hack n' slash games I've ever played (except Too Human). If you like it though, you play it! That's what the devs make these games for... to give us choices we like as individuals.

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