Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Review – A Solid Remaster I The Koalition

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes:
When the original Gears of War debuted on the Xbox 360 way back in November of 2006, Epic Games succeeded in creating a military stylized third-person shooter that depicted a brutal war between soldiers and creatures. This popular title laid the groundwork for several more sequels in the series and established the Xbox franchise as a worthy addition next to the likes of Halo and Forza Motorsport.

Nearly 9 years later, The Coalition has taken on the task of remastering this game before shifting all of their focus towards the next installment in the series. The end result is an exceptional remaster and one of the best Xbox One console exclusives currently on the market. Here are few more reasons why Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is worth the $39.99 price tag attached to it.

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rbailey1179d ago

As a fan of the series and an Xbox One owner, I personally don't see how anyone could question the value of the package. Access to the Gears 4 beta alone is enough to justify this purchase, but unfortunately even that won't be enough for some.

aviator1891179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Not to mention free backwards compatibility access to all previous Gears of War games.

One-Shot1179d ago

A temporary beta is never a good justification.

BLAKHOODe1179d ago

Beta access for $40? Uh, no, but this is still a great remaster and a FUN game to revisit all these years later. I'm seeing stuff I question rather or not was there originally, so in some ways, while it's still Gears, it's almost like an all-new experience. Gears MP has always been one of my top favorites. I'm not particularly good at it, but I have a blast cussing myself (and others)(to myself) while playing it, because I get so caught up in it. This is one of the few Xbox One must-have's and if you are the slightest bit of a Gears fan, I recommend picking it up.

Kinger89381179d ago

Value in the digital games i can agree with, but locking a beta behind the purchase isnt right imo

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WackoDaSniper1179d ago

Tempted to pick up the GoW Xbox One Bundle....
Had my eye on Xbone for a while now since backwards compatibility was announced.....The only platform I'm missing :(

JeffGUNZ1179d ago

Do it man, the dedicated servers and HD upgrade to the MP is beautiful.

Xbonewone320151179d ago

The first unbiased review emerges.

Great score, great package, great value.

Let the salty phony disagreeing commence !!

boodi1179d ago

it seems there's a big lot of ps4 owners that are curious readers about xb1 exclusives

spicelicka1179d ago

I love how the highest viewed articles on the top of N4G are two of the only shitty reviews for this game.

gangsta_red1179d ago

Looks good, but I still don't understand why they would remaster part one's MP. They should have just made this the Ultimate Gears MP collection.

I guess they made it up by giving you all the games for free. It's just going to be hard for anyone to play part 3 MP and then go back to part 1.

RzaDaRazor1179d ago

I've only played campaign so far but my understanding is that the MP is just like Gears 3 but on the Gears 1 maps. They've updated a lot from what I understand, it's not just the same old Gears 1 MP.

JeffGUNZ1179d ago

Completely wrong man. Huge difference is blind fire. Gears 1 was the only Gears where blind firing the bullshits always went to center screen, not out of the barrel. I was a beast in Gears 1 back in the day but they switched it to barrel since Gears 2 and now I am finding it hard to instinctively compensate to aim center screen. I really wish they changed it to barrel aim instead of center screen, but it is what it is.

voodoochild3461179d ago

It may seem like a minor thing but I've always hated when people say blind fire when they really mean hip fire. Blind fire is when you're behind cover and your character is "blind" to its target.

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