Dying Light Gets Free Cooperative Demo Today

Still uncertain if Dying Light’s blend of horror is right for you? Ahead of the upcoming The Following DLC, developer Techland has released a new cooperative demo allowing players to experience what all of the fuss is about.

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dead_pixels1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

To let people who passed up checking it out earlier this year get a taste before the massive The Following DLC launches in a few weeks.

JamesBroski1208d ago

Looking at the 60fps demo, just wish that game would work that well on AMD's.

Spyroo1207d ago

DX12 will be better on AMD cards than Nvidia.

Then all these game sellout that purposely optimise it for Nvidia drivers before will all go swarm AMD and make optimised drivers for AMD now instead.

REDGUM1207d ago

Hi guys. Dopes anyone know if the 3hr demo is replayable or not? Or is it just locked at a 3hr window then you have to buy it to play more?

I could enjoy this I think but wouldn'nt complete the game hence why demo's are a good thing for me..Much like sports games and car racing demo's. Love giving them a spin but don't enjoy them enough to purchase the whole game.