PushStartPlay Review:Tembo the Badass Elephant

Game Freak, the original creators of Pokémon have taken up a new challenger and have ventured onto a 2D/3D platformer that revolves around a peanut loving Elephant. I have said to friends and fellow gamers that this generation of gaming has had a lacklustre library of 2D/3D platformers (I miss the 90’s). Tembo the Baddass Elephant is a nostalgia trip back to the early 90’s when platforming titles were at their prime. Tembo has one of the easiest and self explanatory story’s to follow. Bad aliens invade; the army needs your help. Bish bash bosh, Tembo is in action. Game Freak have put a nice touch on taking the pi** out of their simple story, which is presented in a comic strip cut fashion.

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