PushStartPlay Review: RONIN [PC]

Andy from PushStartPlay writes: Before I jump in you may have seen the above trailer or the screens shots and instantly been reminded by another game, stealth puzzler Gunpoint by Tom Francis. It’s an amazing game. Many may look to RONIN, by another one man development army Tomasz Wacławek, and either ignore it as a cheap rip-off or flock towards it for the opportunity for more side-on gadget mayhem. They shouldn’t on both accounts without understanding a little more about it. You see RONIN really wants to remind you that it is not Gunpoint (see screen shot below as proof). Although it may look as similar as Matt and Luke Goss dressed in matching studded denim, sporting leather jackets and wondering when they’ll be famous they really aren’t deep down. I digress. From RONIN‘s graphical rejig it appears that the game has been stuck with this unfair comparison to that other sharply animated 2D puzzler, however once you delve past the look of these seeming twins you’ll see that the talents they poses are as very different – and this is a good thing …much like Matt being a good actor and Luke being a better singer *Ahem*.

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