PS4's Horizon: Zero Dawn required 'huge effort' to prepare tech for open-world

Fans who have had the chance to see Horizon: Zero Dawn know about the scale, ambition and beauty that Guerrilla Games is employing in their newest IP. An open-world RPG is something the studio has never created before, so with the step away from the linear first-person shooter, they had to take extra steps internally to prepare for Horizon.

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SmokingMonkey1205d ago

I love how this game almost sounds finished.

November 2016?

MrSec841205d ago

Well Guerrilla's last 2 games were announced only 9 months before they released, same is true of Bloodborne, which (like Horizon) is another completely new IP, which funnily enough didn't get any gameplay footage when it was unveiled and the behind closed doors stuff from E3 2014 it didn't look or run anywhere near as good as Horizon did.

I'm doubtful this is a Fall 2016 game, otherwise it probably wouldn't have been announced until Playstation Experience or at GDC in March.

I'm thinking March (9 months after the reveal), with Uncharted 4 being brought forward to release in February or pushed back to May.
I'm thinking we'll get an early 2016 release window at Paris, along with a decent chunk of new gameplay, then at Playstation Experience a solid release date will be set for March.
Uncharted 4 will get a Feb release date set at PGW too.

Just educated guessing though, we'll see what happens.

SmokingMonkey1205d ago

Anytime before June and I would be ecstatic!

Save Dreams for November!

Uncharted 4 - Horizon ZD - Dreams my 2016.

MrSec841205d ago

@SmokingMonkey: I think Horizon is very likely coming before June, considering Guerrilla's history.
Unless the studio bucks their trend and it comes out in Feb (think The Order and Bloodborne style this year, Feb and March releases).

I don't think any of these games Sony has announced are Fall releases, I think those are going to be announced at the 3 conferences we have coming up.
The Last Guardian, Dreams, Uncharted, Ratchet, SFV are all Q1/2/3 games, with the outstanding indies, Deep Down and Let it Die filling in gaps.

GT7 will IMO be in there somewhere.
We'll see what happens.

medman1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Man, you're super optimistic!! Horizon, Uncharted, The Last Guardian, Mass Effect, and Dreams are all first day buys for me, as are Rime, No Man's Sky, The Tomorrow Children, and Wild.

GNCFLYER1205d ago

Like those sweet volumetric clouds that look real.

Letthewookiewin1205d ago

The only console this game is possible on is PS4 :) Can't wait to see more!

SteamPowered1205d ago ShowReplies(1)
MrSec841205d ago

So true, especially with all of the features running together, in such a massive open world, with barely a frame dip.

Literally the only issues with the game right now are that there's some pretty glaring pop-in, but optimizing where assets stream in and when, so that this stuff is hidden from view will solve that problem or final optimization of the code and ironing out bugs should give the devs back more resources to do more with.

I can't wait to see more beasts, exciting action packed gameplay, maybe Aloy and her tribal buddies fighting some tribal wars, more stealthy and also the collecting of resources and crafting system.
We've really not seen more than the tiniest tip of the mountain of what this game could have to offer.

Hopefully a new trailer will be seen soon!

TomatoDragon1205d ago

Throwing money...I'm throwing it at the screen. See?

SmokingMonkey1205d ago

Duh?! You computer only takes Credit Card!!

Just stick your Credit Card into the disc drive,

I'm helping!

SmokingMonkey1205d ago

If you have an old computer, drop some dimes into the little slots there.

Fun Fact: that's where the term "dropping dimes on someone" comes from.

The internet needs me.

chrisx1205d ago

This game screams beauty

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