Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns With Felwinter’s Lie, Boots and Helms

Bungie’s lag-tastic week-long PvP event has returned to Destiny with the Iron Banner. Given that The Taken King, the next major expansion for Destiny, will be out next week and effectively negating all previously earned Legendaries, is there much use to playing Iron Banner (which is often fraught with lag issues, matchmaking and an overabundance of Thorns)?

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SliceOfTruth8881206d ago

Never had lag issues with Iron Banner ever honestly and i have reached rank 5 multiple times.....Trials of osiris is a different story

pompombrum1206d ago

That's funny because 25% of my matches today alone were laggy with half my team having yellow/red bars. Was hitting people with my super and it taking 3 seconds to register the kill.

Nischayraval1206d ago

Yes the mathches are laggy....

Priyanshu1206d ago

Woooooooo...thats awesome...

Nischayraval1205d ago

What do u mean thats awesome...??

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The story is too old to be commented.