Dragon’s Dogma Online adds SCE Japan president and Capcom producer Pawns

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia president Atsushi Morita and Capcom executive producer Yoshinori Ono will be released as official Pawns in Dragon’s Dogma Online in the near future, Capcom announced during this morning’s PlayCommu Cafe Niconico broadcast.

Pawns are characters that players can customize and enlist to accompany them on their adventures.

The online open-world action RPG will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC via paid retail in Japan in just under 30 minutes, and via free download on August 31.

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trywizardo1202d ago

why I can't find this game on PSN ?!

trywizardo1202d ago

I can get a japanese account , does it have english option (like english menu and subtitles) ???

Skate-AK1202d ago

Pretty sure it doesn't have any English menus yet. Don't quote me on it though.

trywizardo1202d ago

lol , don't worry I won't ;)
I hope they will release this for US and europ tho :3

gangsta_red1202d ago

Capcom do gangsta a solid and bring this game to the west!

himdeel1201d ago

Downloaded it last night from JP psn. It's a 9 gig with about a 12+ gig update. Make sure you have the HD space for the extra download.