The landscape for Activision is clear: Eric Hirshberg on the enormous Fall ahead

The Fall is always a major time for every gaming publisher and for Activision, this coming September, October and November will be enormous months. Activision is bringing four major games to the market and they include the massive expansion Destiny: The Taken King, Skylanders Superchargers, Guitar Hero Live and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

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pelenow1202d ago

Ah, I see.The fall ahead as in time of year.

NeoGamer2321202d ago

Looks like ACtivision is going to be king of milking this generation...

Destiny - Milking the Destiny game from last year
CoD BO III - The continued milking of the yearly franchise
Skylanders - The continued milking
Guitar Hero - Trying to re-milk the franchise for a new gen

NewAgeisHere1202d ago

yay...let's all be happy for the company that knows how to create half-finished games and milk them to death. Their games are kinda fun,but I still stand behind what I said in the first sentence.

MysticStrummer1202d ago

Taken King for me. The rest, meh.

JeffGUNZ1202d ago

I know you joined the Destiny community after launch, how are you holding up? I was a beta tester and day 1 with 500 plus hours and I can't bring myself to play this game right now. Perhaps down the road I will jump in but I grew so tired of them "fixing" things that didn't need fixing. The fact they nerf guns in PvE because they were unbalanced in PvP really turned me off. The way they handled the Ghally was the last straw for me. I was already very rare between plays but instead of just having Xur sell it they say they are nerfing it and then xur magically sells it a week or so later.

Man, this is not the Bungie I knew with the Halo series. It has to be Activision's influence.

MysticStrummer1201d ago

"I know you joined the Destiny community after launch, how are you holding up?"

Other games get more of my time but I still enjoy Destiny occasionally and can't see myself getting rid of it. PvP doesn't interest me with this game and I've never really noticed nerfing in PvE, even though I know it has happened.