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The Wii U's new multiplayer party game platformer Runbow brings many of your favorite character together for an insane race to glory. Does this game stack up with the rest of the Wii U's plethora of party games?

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ZeroSkerbo1084d ago

Ive been curious about this game for a while, awesome to see shovel knight and the drifter as playable characters

MPScrimshaw1084d ago

This looks like an interesting little game, but I'm not sure how long it'd hold my interest when compared to something like Mario Kart.

deafdani1083d ago

Don't you think it's a bit unfair to compare an indie game with an AAA Nintendo game, though?


callumjack1083d ago

I'm reallllllly liking that art style

shocked6861083d ago

Hadn't heard too much about this before reading the review. Actually sounds pretty fun

MRBIGCAT1083d ago

This does sound like a lot of fun

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