The Bridge Review - Brain Crippling Difficulty For This Compelling Puzzler | COG

COG writes: The Bridge is a 2D logic puzzle that has you manipulating gravity to redefine the ceiling as the floor while venturing through impossible architectures. It’s an enjoyable puzzler but will be about the most difficult game you have played in years.

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JohnnyXeo1204d ago

Game will probably make me think too hard. No thanks.

MRBIGCAT1204d ago

I'm sure many will love this but this just sounds too rage inducing for me.

Dark_Overlord1204d ago

The difficulty is being greatly exaggerated, it's not that hard really. Only took a few hours to do it on PC :)

GrapesOfRaf1204d ago

Pretty stoked, I forgot about this game until recently so maybe I'll finally grab it on PS4.