Why The Taken King Is The Perfect Time To Return To Destiny

MonsterVine: "Year one of Destiny felt like an extended early access period instead of a finished product. Bungie has taken all of the user feedback and with the release of The Taken King next month offers a much more cohesive and respecting experience for players new and old. The Taken King is the perfect time to return to Destiny, or to jump in for the first time."

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nX1210d ago

Couldn't care less about this expansion, for me there are much better games and even shooters coming out this year. I'll be busy with MGS5, Fallout 4 and Battlefront while you're replaying the same old strike mission for the 20th time :)

I might jump back in for Destiny 2 though but Bungie has to prove themselves first.

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x_RadicalAura_x1210d ago

Good for you. Move along plz.

ShadowKing-1210d ago

20th time pssh, get it right, i lost count. lol

joab7771210d ago

They are proving themselves. I jumped put awhile back and not sure if I have time to get back in, but I watch closely, and I am just tired of most comments on every article saying the same thing. Yeah, it's launch was rough, and it it's systems became quite complex.

But I won't give up hope b/c I love mmo's and fps games, and Bungie is one of the best in the biz at the latter. It seems like they are starting to get a grasp on the former.

There's nothing else out there like this, and I think the Taken King will be a fresh start.

darren_poolies1210d ago

Good for you. I'll be playing all of those so.

kbozz711210d ago

And the broken record of the haters continues to spin...

MysticStrummer1210d ago

Gotta love it when the first comment says they couldn't care less about whatever game it is.

You clearly could care less.

OT - I still haven't picked up House of Wolves. I'll get that before Taken King but eventually I'll get TKK.

lipton1011210d ago

I'm actually pretty sure it comes with that expansion my man. Save your money and just buy the taken king so you get it all in one package instead of buying piecemeal

bradfh1210d ago

Who cares about Battlefront there is no single player campaign

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ninsigma1210d ago

That's why I'm jumping back in. The biggest problem for me was the decreased amount of time I could play while the game still required the same large amount of effort for so little return. I quit before the first expansion. I didn't really care about TTK either until I started seeing the changes they were making. Now I'm really excited about it again. I loved destiny when I first played it so I'm sure I'll love it now even more with the improvements. Not long now till I'll have the collectors edition :D

lipton1011210d ago

Yeah... I did the same. I played the hell out of it then quit just before house of wolves which is a shame bc I bought the $90 definitive edition with the expansions included. I tried to get back into it but it seems so complex now. Last time I logged on, now I may be wrong or exaggerating, but there were like 5 different currencies on top of other raw materials needed for upgrading or purchasing weapons and armor. I didn't delete it from my PS4 yet because there may come a day when I get the urge to play, but for now I'm just done with it and being a level 29, I just have no motivation to go higher in item level after already putting in so much time and starting from scratch essentially without the help of friends, because they also quit the game.

ninsigma1210d ago

Well if ya decide to jump back in at any point give me a shout and I'll give ya a hand :)
danielx0000 is my psn :)

NovusTerminus1210d ago

I am considering jumping back into the game again, I never got the DLC, so it's a great deal for me, I loved the game, just kind of stopped when other things started coming out.

Chaosdreams1210d ago

Not interested. I don't respect them for what was released, and I'm not stupid enough to support the high cost of what's being given. It's good they are improving the game, that said, this is what should've been released day one.

Hopefully these positive changes carry over into Destiny 2, and we don't receive the same piece by piece delivery system (that doesn't even come with the story.) I'll come back then if the value is there.

Again, it's lovely to see the improvements, but I'm not going to throw my money at a second chance for a single product. Destiny is the only game this generation to anger me enough to trade it in for store credit. The Only Game.

pumpactionpimp1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I completely agree. Breaking the game in to pieces and feeding it to us for a price is very wrong. Then they have the gall to say "look we fixed it! That will be $60, $80, $100 more ty."

I understand those that defend the game. At its core its a great game, but to pander for money in such crude ways is wrong. Then botch it all over again by demanding even more money. Just wow.

I imagine if gta 5, fallout 4, the witcher 3, or any game like that came out and did the same thing, the same people defending this game would be outraged.

Im going to wait for a price drop, or buy the whole game used. I wish others would follow suit to show bungie and activsion what theyve done isnt right. But I know I will be in the minority in todays gotta have it now while its new society.

lipton1011210d ago

I also agree. I bought the expanded edition and quit before the expansions came out. I can't trade it because I had so much faith that I bought it digitally. Now I just kind of feel like a fool and my pride and past experience with the game is going to make it hard for me to justify giving them any more money for another disappointment.

On the topic of being so angry I traded a game for store credit: Advanced warfare left my possession within 72 hours because I just freak out whenever I play it. Every time I die in call of duty, it feels unfair. I can go 35-5 and still be pissed over 2/3's of my magical bullet deaths.

CoD ghosts on the other hand... Pulled that f****r out of my PS4 and snapped it in half 5 hours after getting it. Worse game purchase I've ever made. In retrospect I should have traded it, but breaking it felt more satisfying at the time.

So to conclude. F activision.

Clown_Syndr0me1210d ago

Give them more money? No.

Fed up of developers doing crap like this, releasing a full priced game which feels like "early access, not the finished product" (OPs words) and then expecting us to pay more to get the full experience.

Destiny has done this since day one with all that locked content. Other games seem to be doing the The Crew. Ive seen the video for the updated version which looks so good - but Im not going to give them more money after I already paid £40 on release for the crap that was The Crew.

Theyre gonna keep pulling this crap though as long as mugs are handing them money.

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