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Rise of the Tomb Raider is a game that’s chock full of adventure, climbing, gun fights, stealth, and – most importantly – tombs. Earlier this month, we got to play through one of the first tombs in the new game, and witness heroine Lara Croft’s return to what made her one of our favorite heroes in all of gaming.

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Eonjay1203d ago

"You’ll be able to do all the crypt excavation you want on November 10, when Rise of the Tomb Raider launches exclusively on Xbox One."

Has the 360 version been delayed? Is this a typo?

1203d ago
jb2271202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"Dirty" is definitely the correct terminology for this whole deal. I have a sneaking suspicion that this game was originally on course for a 2016 release, but Square took the MS money & pushed it up a year so MS could have the Uncharted competitor they desired. The original trailer had no date, and the definitive edition of the first game had just released a couple of months before...the early interviews during that time specifically called out a focus on globe trotting, and yet we only have 2 locations in the entire game, one that looks like the last games environment with snow dropped on top, and a small opening chapter in Syria.

Considering CDs last full retail game prior to the Tr reboot dropped in 2008 & the only other title released in the interim was the smaller download only Lara Croft title...that means that after a delay, CD had around 3-5 years to develop the first game, but they are somehow making a sequel in under 2, taking into account the team needed to create the definitive edition, and the fact that another team was working on a new ip in the vein of TR according to one of their directors.

I have a feeling that this new TR will have a shorter campaign, more bugs & less in the way of variety if this quick turnaround is anything to go by. We will see how it plays out when it drops, but the nature of this deal means that any decision on a delay rests squarely with MS, and if they did so, it would most likely eat into their exclusivity window so it's highly unlikely. The game will ship as is, regardless of whether it is a lesser experience than the previous title.

trywizardo1202d ago

dude , seriously GET A LIFE , this is just a timed exclusive and its already available for pre-order for PS4 ...

jb2271202d ago

Real classy there guy, we are both here commenting on gaming so it's obviously a hobby you share took the time to reply so I guess that advice goes both ways.

trywizardo1202d ago

I hate zelda games , but I don't write a news paper about it , I just ignore it ...
so if you hate it because the timed-exclusivity its solved , if you hate it then ignore it ...

jb2271202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

The difference is I don't hate Tomb Raider games, I actively dig those kinds of games more than any other, Action Adventure games in those veins are my absolute favorite, and games like that not only got me back into gaming but also helped me out of an addiction that had almost killed me, so imagine your favorite game gets pulled from you for a year for no reason other than one platforms bragging rights and that there are at most 2 or 3 games on the whole market that even come close to a similar type of experience....quite a different scenario. I think as gamers we have the right and the responsibility to speak up when things like this happen, otherwise what's the point in even buying a system? I'm not going to be forced into buying every system on the market in order to play the same small handful of games that have a lifetime history of multiplat releases. I'm still putting my life back together and I only have so much money to put towards gaming, so I personally don't have the funds to buy a 400 dollar system in order to play one game that I assumed would never release exclusive to one console. Beyond that, that's not even what I was commenting about, my concerns are absolutely legitimate, deals like these could potentially damage the final product if devs are beholden to the agendas of a platform holder over their own inclination to just make good games. Games are art to me, they aren't about competition between platform holders, they are about transporting gamers to a different place and time if only for 10 hours or so. Gaming like this helped to save my life, so you'll have to excuse me if I take offense to someone telling me I'm wasting my time by even caring.

Either way, trying to put down and belittle fellow gamers is pretty shameful IMO....the whole "get a life" put down carries a certain stigma for gamers, after decades of being told that our hobbies are childish and that we should "grow up, go outside & get a life", that's the last thing fellow gamers should be telling each other, regardless of whether or not you agree with my opinions. Just mean spirited and hurtful really...and it's sad that people agree with those kinds of sentiments. If you disagree with my "newspaper" you could've just ticked that box, no reason to put me down in a spiteful manner. I hope all is well for you going forward, and if you have any kind of anger or contempt inside that drives you to belittle others, I hope that you can find some personal peace. At the end of the day we obviously at least share a passion, mine maybe just burns a bit different from yours.