Does Until Dawn And The Order: 1886 Show Sony Is Moving Toward Making Interactive Movies

Until Dawn and The Order: 1886 show a new level of interactive gameplay that for some says takes away gameplay in favor of narrative. In a new opinion piece, Skewed and Reviewed ask if this is a trend of things to come and will it one day lead to our movies and shows being more interactive as well.

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Genuine-User1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

They probably will some day. It's already happening with live-action trailers.

↓↓↓↓ The author is talking about movies and TV shows as well ↓↓↓↓

"if the goal is to fully blend the lines between gaming and interactive movies and shows, Until Dawn is not only a glimpse of what is to come gaming wise, but perhaps an indicator that someday we may see more interaction in our movies and television shows."

bouzebbal1205d ago

the writer is a moron.. he prefers a console with only FPS. Games like quantic dream is making are a proof Sony is focusing on that variety.

uptownsoul1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

Just about everybody in the comment section is correct...Just because Until Dawn is Sony's latest release doesn't mean that this is direction they are moving in. Thats like saying "Sony is moving toward only making Sports Games" the day after MLB The Show releases.. Sony focuses on variety, period.

_-EDMIX-_1205d ago

Agreed. So was the writer just gone last gen when Heavy Rain or Beyond Two Souls came out? Or Rain?

Or the gen before that with Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus?

The reality is, Sony for a long time has been pushing that concept more then any first party. They are more willing to back new ideas that allow for something different.

This is no surprise from them at all. Until Dawn and The Order are 100% to be expected by this publisher.

Its like questioning Rockstar making an open world new if its a new concept to them lol

Sevir1205d ago

This is an extremely moronic assertion on the author.... The Order is in no way shape or form an interactive movie... It's through and through a solid 3rd person cover shooter. And shares almost zero in common with Until Dawn beyond That they are cinematic in presentation and use qtes.

And Sony's desire to publish games like Until Dawn and Heavy Rain Mrs they are dedicated to bringing new diverse experiences to their platform...

This author is stupid... The fact that the industry likes Games like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn shows that it's ok to bring something else to gaming other than the same tried and true and monotonous generic first and 3rd person shooter.

Garethvk1205d ago

I actually do not play FPS on consoles but on PC. Since you asked Bloodborne, The Order 1886, Until Dawn, Little Big Planet 3, and Infamous:Second Son are on my PS4. Odd, no FPS in that mix is there?

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Aceman181205d ago

To the writer it just shows Sony likes having variety in their stable of titles nothing more, nothing less.

DragonKing811205d ago

I have to agree with you. Sony take's risk with game's like this and it's definitely paying off. Keep it diverse and unique Sony :-)

remixx1161205d ago

Seriously?? Sony doesn't even own the studios that are making these games, they didn't force them to make it, they pitched and sony was willing to bat, they are just supporting creative ideas.

Man these guys will write an article about anything with the least amount of evidence possible.

As soon as the last guardian comes out were going to see articles like "does the last guardian prove that sony is moving away from high end graphics?"

Chaosdreams1205d ago

Was the Last Guardian worth the wait?

Can the Last Guardian save Sony from losing to Microsoft?

I can already see the future articles of pure rubbish.

Garethvk1205d ago

They were both exclusives, you better belive Sony had a say in their production as they were promoting them heavily at trade shows.

RocketScienceLvlStuf1205d ago

No. It shows that Sony aren't afraid to create a truly diverse line up of games.

showtimefolks1205d ago

Sony will make the usual suspects games like action adventure,fps, Rpg etc,,,

But they will also make different type of games. That's doesn't mean they will ever stop making what fans want most

I dot think any console offers as diverse of a lineup like ps4. Ps4 has games for everyone. Japanese Rpg and niche titles too

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Majin-vegeta1205d ago

No it just shows Sony isn't afraid to try different genres.

johndoe112111205d ago

I honestly don't know how someone even comes to this conclusion. Seriously, How does someone just jump to a conclusion like this? A simple look at sony's software history will show that sony has always been about variety. They just make different types of games for all types of gamers.

Garethvk1205d ago

Two of their last three exclusives were in this genre.

generic-user-name1205d ago


And I'm lucky enough to be able to enjoy these 'cinematic' genres as well as traditional ones.

Kratos0Ultra1205d ago

exactly there are many people complaining pathetically that they want specific genres. People should begin to accept that this is a new genre of games and it deserves to be reviewed for what it is and not for what people would prefer instead. Sony will give the mainstream crowd what they want with Uncharted 4 and Horizon. But they are also making games for other genres like Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, etc...And I love the variety. I would hate it if all we had to play was shooter after shooter after shooter...

Spotie1205d ago

Don't know why that's such a hard concept to understand. Seems like it'd be really simple to me.

Also, did you get a hair cut? You look different, Vegeta.

Lamboomington1205d ago

Calm down guys, read the article first. He's not bashing Sony.

I'll admit the title is either clickbait or ignorant.

Subaruwrx1205d ago

@Lamboom Yeah, the article is just stating that we may see more interactive games, movies and TV shows in the future. The author ends with this positive conclusion. "Sony seems to be pushing the entertainment boundaries yet again."

johndoe112111205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

We never said he was bashing sony, we simply think his conclusion is a little off. in other words, sony having two exclusives like this doesn't mean they are moving towards more interactive movie games.

stuna11205d ago

Spot on! Sony believe in diversity when it come to gaming, this is a fact that can be tracked back to the PS1 era. Looking at Sony's 1st party developers portfolio they cover a wide variety of different genre in and of themselves. From JRGP's, MORGP's, Racing, Action, Adventure, Stealth, Interactive, FPS's, TPS's, Fighting, Hack & Slash, ETC. Etc.

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Becuzisaid1205d ago

No, it just shows that Sony gives their developers the freedom to make the kinds of games they want.

q8kik1205d ago

Does Bloodborne,J-stars and MLB show that they aren't?

DigitalRaptor1205d ago


Thank heavens this community knows how to stamp out the bull on this site.

Until Dawn is a game. You play it. There have been games like it before (Heavy Rain), and there will be games like it again. And again, and again. And the same dumb questions will arise, because people ask the stupidest questions.

Fix yourselves, gaming journalists. The only developers that make these kinds of games for Sony are not even first-party owned, so again.... fix yourselves.

Gwiz1205d ago

It's funny i mentioned this earlier to Yewles,can't wait for the father of all cinematic games Metal Gear Solid:Phantom Pain.

According to reviews you have a better game-play to cinematics ratio compared to the prior games in the series.

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