Mad Max Promises To Ride Eternal, Shiny And Chrome | EGMR

Quote: "The developers of the Just Cause series are bringing Mad Max to our gaming machines – will it ride eternal, shiny and chrome, or falter in the shadow of Mad Max: Fury Road?"

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Ocsta1202d ago

This game will be awesome. I'm gonna WITNESS it's greatness. Playing it will be like riding eternal in Valhalla. I'll stop now.

fermcr1202d ago

Where are the reviews for this game?

No reviews until now and so close to the game release day... is not a good sign.

DarXyde1202d ago

This game has incredibly tough competition at release.

Good luck, Avalanche.

Adexus1202d ago

Cannot wait for this! MGSV arrived earlier today for me so I can put a good number of hours into that before Mad Max comes out... but Gears of War Ultimate Edition comes tomorrow... Goodbye social life.

vastolorde6661202d ago

Whaaaat! lucky buckaroo

Adexus1202d ago

I know! Very grateful, it's excellent so far, only just got through the Prologue though!

jmc88881202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Still haven't seen one frame from the PC version.

Avalanche has a good track record, but WB does not, and ultimately WB determines the release date whether it's ready or not.

It'll probably be ok, but we haven't seen anything, and that doesn't make sense after the recent WB snafus.

You'd think they'd want to prove it to us, because alot of people are going to be holding back, and may choose not to buy it, since MGSV:TPP is coming out the same day.

Whether it's to prove that this time is different performance wise, or to help compete even a little more against MGSV:TPP, since that is there job TO do so, you'd think they would showcase the PC version and allay fears that it's fine.

Instead all they say is... it's being made alongside the other versions. That's not much info. How does it run?

Can it do 120FPS? 4k support? Better textures? Any glitches say on Win10? Or vice versa Win7 or 8, 8.1?

What are the level of graphical options overall?

Is it good with BOTH ATI and Nvidia? Any issues with AMD CPU's? Intel?

What's the performance level? They have recommended specs, but many times those aren't right.

...and more. We simply don't have that.