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GamerKnights has done a full review of the new Ubisoft title "Toy Soldiers War Chest".


"Stuff like this is frankly excruciating frustrating, and such juvenile coding that everyone involved should be thoroughly embarrassed about it. It also shouldn’t have passed certification."

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GamerKnights1182d ago

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MilkMan1182d ago

Toy Soldiers is just one of those games that are extremely fun to play and in my mind a seminal tower defense game. I surely think they should have spent more money developing this game, cause the wonkyness of the animations shows, a little TLC couldn't have hurt. However, the core is solid and the licensed toys are fun. The boss battles are pretty insane and tough as they should be and the arenas as you mentioned are wide and open.
They did improve in some areas like different load outs for your hero characters as well as different super abilities, but somethings needs a couple of patches to fix.

Bugs abound and a skirmish mode is a MUST and yet somehow it was omitted. I would have loved to send out troops to another toy box in true war fashion, but not necessarily want to be a in multiplayer match. I feel this is a step backwards and a missed opportunity.

Also not one new hero character has the same charisma as those in Cold War.