Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition only £34.85 (includes all the DLC)

Dealspwn: This upcoming version of Destiny is packed with value as it includes the original Season Pass expansion content (House of Wolves and The Dark Below) as well as the upcoming expansion The Taken King. This is much cheaper than buying the content separately.

There are some radical changes to the way the XP system works in Destiny too when The Taken King arrives. Essentially, the annoying Light system that forced you to equip certain items if you wanted the level boost is being replaced with something similar to the way you levelled up on the way to Lv.20. These are exciting times and it looks like Bungie are making a solid effort at bringing lapsed players back and giving them all the content in this edition seems like a smart move as it's only about £10-£15 more than the base game now. If you want to know more about Destiny's changes and what they mean for players, check out my feature article: Destiny's upcoming changes could make it great again.

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Becuzisaid1208d ago

Does anyone know if all the expansions are on the disc or just voucher codes? Might consider getting this used for a decent price.

Spyroo1208d ago

Expansions are separately on codes

BionicRogue211208d ago

Does anyone know if this works for the U.S. and how much it would cost?

LonDonE1208d ago

Try the discount code PAYDAY15

darren_poolies1208d ago

Can no one read these days?