YouTube Gaming launches today – A worthy Twitch rival?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Twitch streamers already upload their content to YouTube after the live stream is done, so YouTube Gaming with its focus on live streaming could become the singular hub for content creators to use. As live stream creators potentially move over to YouTube Gaming, viewers will likely follow suit to support their favorite personalities.

Will it become the most popular game streaming service on the internet?"

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SonZeRo1206d ago

Hope its a rival, as only rivalry makes products better "normally".

Sillicur1206d ago

Exactly, wonder how twitch will respond, maybe with some new features of their own like DVR mode

HanCilliers1206d ago

Competition is usually good for the consumers, but I don't think it will dethrone Twitch any time soon.

Sillicur1206d ago

I think it all depends on how the website turns out. If they can do it all in one instead of loading their content on both it might start to overtake twitch