Former developer for Game of War arrested for stealing trade secrets

A former developer for Game of War: Fire Age, was arrested for stealing trade secrets. He tried to evade arrest by hopping onto a plane, but was arrested at the airport.

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Versability1205d ago

I was a bank whistleblower and went through a similar Enterprise Risk Management action plan when I left BofA. Hope he survives...

ravinash1205d ago

For some reason I don't think he was stealing this information for the good of the general public.

Versability1204d ago

Why he stole it doesn't matter. What happens to him can happen to me...

3-4-51204d ago

Mobile game developers stealing ideas for their own monetary gains ? reaaaally ?

sparced1205d ago

Beautiful pair. I don't care if they're fake.

2pacalypsenow1205d ago

Don't think they are fake, they aren't perfectly round and with weird separation. She has the gift

MasterD9191205d ago

If convicted, he might not only be facing jail-time, but also a $250,000 fine...

Ouch. Sometimes it pays to just lose and call it a day.

1205d ago