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While your experience may differ, the amount of remasters and collections we have seen in this generation of consoles has always been a point of contention and subject of conversation, at least in my group of friends and peers. I myself go back and forth on this topic all the time. For one, I would like to see companies allocating more resources towards newer games, rather than simply rehashing older titles, many of which I have in my personal collection. On the other hand, a few of these remasters and re-releases are notable for making it much easier to actually get your hands on certain games (Grim Fandango Remastered comes to mind).

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freshslicepizza1207d ago

too frustrating for me to get back into, lol

Jag-T10001207d ago

Save yourself $15 and play this on an NES emulator.

TuxedoMoon1207d ago

TBH this collection would've been cool if it was more like the PS2/GC megaman collection. You know, where it had almost ALL of the major megaman games as well other stuff. I guess it's okay for $15? Though I think you can just get the PS2/GC collection for less.

At LEAST capcom is releasing a megaman game...? Even if it's a half-assed collection. They're probably testing the waters to see the public interest?